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A Patreon piece from August of #JessicaRabbit with #RogerRabbit
& #EddieValiant

Swipe to see the previous stages of the piece.

As a patron, you'll be seeing the various progress stages of nearly all the uploads I share there, like this and more. (And Videos for the patreon tier requests)

#Chamba #jeffreyCHAMBAcruz #ClipStudioPaintPro #intuos4
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Mm, delicious fullness.

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Siempre me ha gustado como aplicas el color y las sombras en tus ilustracione, haces un gran trabajo

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Splendid and gorgeous

Leonidas666's avatar

Now THIS is a movie that Hollywood should remake... or sequel.

K-E-Y-K-O's avatar

She's been drawn like this. :)

gizmo01's avatar

Truly a good way to combine arts :D

MrTuke's avatar

A great tribute here, mate. :) I hope they didn't have to drop a refrigerator on your head 23 times to get this picture right. ;)

BalloonPrincess's avatar

Very cool work! <3

Still the trendsetter when ti comes to animation. <3

NRGComics's avatar

This is a movie that really influenced both my childhood and work. So to see you draw them is a wonderful experience! :D

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This is amazing work! 🐇❤❤❤❤
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This is sooo good!!!! I love it!!!!

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This certainly brings back some fun memories.

ThePianistDragon's avatar

I love the touch of Roger being in a different artstyle.

theCHAMBA's avatar

all 3 are, actually.

ThePianistDragon's avatar

Yeah, realized that the half-second after I hit "post" ^^;

ThePianistDragon's avatar

They're all kinda in different artstyles now that I think about it, but Roger's is the most noticeable.

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Gorgeously sexy and bouncy

cute ass

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The greatest classic crossover in history. Nicely done. : )

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Eddie: Holly smoke! I’m a toon!

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Doom: Surprised?
cagedcreature's avatar

Eddie: ...not really, I mean how else would they get the late bob Hoskins to reprise his role as Eddie.

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