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Wall.EVE walkthrough -BFW-

heh, yeah.

I'mma use that code from now on to signify a big file, yeah.
Anyway here's a walkthrough of this here.

Basic Rundown:
1) Unlevelled Rawscan
2) Lineart cleaned and levelled.
3) Base colour flats applied.
4) Additional details added.
5) Rust is applied onto Wall.E using various generic PS brushes.
6) Added shades, highlights and rim-lighting.
7) Coloured the Base.
8 - 13) Created the sky. Made a subtle heart shape with the clouds. =)
14) Using various Generic PS brushes, I painted up the garbage stacks in the background.
15) Painted up the post placed behind the characters.
16) Applied a slight blur to both the garbage stack and the post for added depth.
17) View of the Characters now with the background.
18) Final view after adding glow from the background Sun.

4h.HBpencil/printerpaper> Photoshop7/Intuos2
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The way you attacked this is great man. would have thought you set up 3d. 

amazing !
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i have been dying for someone ass good as you to give your step by steps i'm just woooow
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Incredible !!!!
purpurariuscaligo's avatar
Wow :wow: Thank you for this tutorial =)
That's a freaking amazing tutorial. Much appreciated. :D
blackpinkgoldfish's avatar
Wow I didn't notice the heart shaped cloud in the background until I saw this <3
Colombianit0's avatar
Wow Chamba your the man

im really interested to know how you did step 6 (the shinnign lines on characters)???

was it with pen tool or how?
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lasso and fill, like how I do all my celshades
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Wow! I thought your finished version of this was a screen capture at first but then I discovered this process sheet. It's beautiful ^__^
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Wow, simply amazing!!!
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AMAZING painting work! I love that movie. :)
VanRoux's avatar
Simply. Amazing.

: O!!
Half-dude's avatar
Wait this is actually drawn?! I swear man, this totally looked like it was CGI work! You're totally amazing. XD
p0rkytso's avatar
Shiet! your skills has reached the DIVINE STAGE NOW! keep it up, i'm placing a long over due watch on your account :)
whisperpntr's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing this. I would love to approach the coloring style you've used here and now have so many new ideas.

Thanks once again!
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jumping jellyfish, do you know how to paint.
aznnam's avatar
awesome. I didnt even see the shape of the cloud in the final picture.
musicyoh's avatar
Beautiful job! :XD: How long did this take you to do?
carlusdarienus's avatar
This one is awesome hehe I also have a version of eve in school done in 3D using MAYA, Im still learning MAYA but my EVE is really cool I will try to upload a Rendered version soon.
JericaWinters's avatar
Don't know if you read these but I wanted to let you know your tutorials have been a big help.

My coloring in my recent work looks more professional and I am faster. :D

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