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VIOLENT Ken Masters

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drawn by my mate Foo who commissioned me 2 colour it... jst did this then..

check out his gallery.. he's got some cool pencils

full view this bitch up
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2ndCityCrusaderHobbyist General Artist
That's Violent Ken from Reu's (Currently known as Evil Ken)! Best creation ever in MUGEN!
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ahmednayyerProfessional General Artist
This is so great, its hard to find colors better than this! very powerful sketch too!

Ahmed Nayyer
Yellowmoon's avatar
I love the colors on this
Retro7's avatar
Retro7 General Artist
Oh yeah from SVC Chaos, love the shading on this one.
Ble4ch's avatar
Alpha 3's one of my all-time favourite fighting games, nice to see some cool Ken fanart, the guy rocks!
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guavaProfessional Digital Artist
omg keeeen *___*

his eyebrows always weirded me out though, hahahaha.
RIVOLUTIONProfessional Digital Artist
Kick ASS colors bro!
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psychoheatProfessional General Artist
awesome colors i like thosevariations from dark to bright
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dalmation10k Digital Artist
yeah, that's fuckin rad!
great shapes in those colours.
"shoryureppa" would sound fuckin cool in an evil Ken voice.
bandit-revolver's avatar
Awesome colors. Looks hard to do from here.
thesop's avatar
this is SO good.
Ken is my favorite Street fighter character
your colouring is ass kickin as always
what can i say? i love it!
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aaapolloProfessional Digital Artist
ken kick everybodies ass
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KFosterProfessional Digital Artist
All that bitchin' coloring was done with that lasso/gradient method? I've gotta practice that...
theCHAMBA's avatar
that method alone
COOL..the colors look great as well as your partner's artwork..very nice..but just one question...isn't violent ken short haired ..with a punk styled fro ? just an observation based on the violent ken from the gams..but the art still very nice..congrads mates keep it up!
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FooRayProfessional Artist
yes violent ken does have short hair all frizzed out. . .but im more of a fan of alpha ken. . .so i went with the longer hair . . .Good eye :)
theCHAMBA's avatar
you're prolly right there Richard..

i jst coloured it.. that lines were Foo's.. so i dun have a clue
rsanches's avatar
Dude, it's so fucking amazing!!!!
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ZlattyProfessional Photographer
ken looks pimp
nice work
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poisoned-dragonProfessional Digital Artist
Ken's got a mullet! LOL. Nice colors dude.
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TheABonesProfessional Digital Artist
haha! what an awesome idea. ken is so rarely depicted as such a badass. nice work with the skin tones and hair in perticular
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Even though he's not my favorite character, I do like how you portrayed him as a strong warrior. The lighting effects proved it. :D
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Fooray is pretty damn awesome himself. Even if he did steal my face, haha.

Looks pretty rad, Chamb.

Now do more Fatal Fury related stuff demmit! lol.
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Fatal Fury...

when i find time dude

when i find time
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