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Unrendered - MARIO BROS.



More unrendered versions.
I like to add skin colour variations here and there.
They tend to go unnoticed in the final, but they do add to the end result.
As you can see on this one, there was a lot more extra stuff that was added to give added depth and what not.
Oh, did I mention that I effin hate flatting?

I go sleep now.
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This is awesome too.:winner::winner::winner::winner::winner::winner::winner::winner::winner::winner::winner:
ryu3180's avatar
I kind of actually dig this version better! More "gritty"
CorpseCircus's avatar
email me:
theCHAMBA's avatar
sorry dude, not available.

also my rates are listed on my blog.
CorpseCircus's avatar
too bad. good art btw (and if you knew how much we have to spare on cash)
all good though.
theCHAMBA's avatar
it's all about timing.
all the best with that
CorpseCircus's avatar
no luck required on our end ;) take care
CorpseCircus's avatar
bro.. what are your rates? i need album art done
Glameyes's avatar
Aw, even in real life they look cute :#1:
LimeGreenSquid's avatar
Ooh, that is awesome!! Imagine they pull in the Konami team responsible for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and they make a 3D Mario game with imagery such as this piece. That would rule, so long as they stuck to Mario gameplay, and not just god of war gameplay...
mikeysammiches's avatar
i love everything about this piece. great work.
nuttyromulan's avatar
oh yeaah Mario is a chubby one isn't he :D
100& Cold Shit fam
EveeRouge's avatar
this just fucking wins. your monsters are on pointttt <3<3
DekotaCudi's avatar
dude thats just fucking sick.
masterDorin's avatar
I have never seen Mario and his bro look so heroic! xD

Amazing work you have ^^
joesunga's avatar
now that's pretty sweeet. you should make a movie!
fireflyluke00's avatar
flat colours is gays.
JAVACRONA's avatar
awesome i saw this on Kotaku
Leonidas666's avatar
Mario looks tough!
RainbowFever's avatar
oh god
you should make a tutorial or at least show us how you color

'cause you're so fucking good
Lelpel's avatar
Holy Cow Chamba - this is unreal!
JamFisher's avatar
I freakin' like how Luigi looks in this one, but I must say that Mario's mustache is one of the greatest ever to be seen. :b
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