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That it only took a moment. .

. . . To be loved a whole life long.

So on most nights after I had finished pagework, I managed to spare a few minutes to get this coloured up.
here it is, now done.

Click this for the Hi-res Lineart.

Click this for the Walkthrough.

So very much looking forward to getting that 3-disc release this coming November.

4h.HBpencil/printerpaper> Photoshop7/Intuos2
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I love this and WALL-E is my favorite Pixar movie.
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one of my faves, no doubt

I LOVE this!☺💓
Did you see my Disney drawing of Olaf ?
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I love this movie it's soo cute !😊
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Thats aswome!!!Wink/Razz 

Nice artwork! Keep going!!! 
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this is absolutely beautiful
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Amazing dude! I really love your artwork. Keep up the fantastic work!
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So beautiful!!!! *heart eyes*
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Brings back alot of memories! Amazing! :D
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omg i love wall-e
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