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Big fan of the Venture Bros.
Brock is ace.
Never have a drawn him before.
So i drew him for the sketchtavern February "draw-a-day" challenge.
Managed to draw him in around 25 minutes.
Found time after dinner to colour.

Wallpaper action, GO!

4h.HBpencil/A4PrinterPaper > Photoshop7/OpticalMouse
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a badass mercenary Brock samson
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i know and he's awesome
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The action in this piece is killing me with how wicked it is.

So. Badass. Phenomenal perspective!
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Hell yeah!!! Laying down the Brock Samson beat down!!!!!! :headbang:
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and then later he urinates on it, you know... So they don't come back to life.
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awesome guy and picture dude! but... poor mummie =(
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Every time this image pops up in my random faves on my home page it makes me smile. Just throwing that out there...
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Brock makes the mummy's curse look like a skin rash. lol.
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How dare that ruffian rip apart such a fine archeological specimen!
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Brock samson is the greatest that has ever lived.
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and now back to , "Everyone loves Brock." (cause if you didn't he'd kill you)
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he's the new chuck norris
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The swedish murder machine in action, FTW!
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This is GREAT!!! I love it. Love the Venture Bros and Brock. You did an amazing job.
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Holy crap dude. That is the shit.
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did you use reference or worked out of your head?
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i looked at a picture of him.

i have horrible memory so i use references for the look of things.
it's poses and what not that I don't use reference for.
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Yeah!, Brock Samson vs Mummys from Guanajuato
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