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Speedy Death ft. Reggie 1-4

the 1st 4 pages of Reggie's 1st round Speed Death Tourney battle over @ Void

4h.HBpencil/PrinterPaper > Photoshop7/OpticalMouse
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Shotomanexe's avatar
*squints* Is that you?
BbStarD's avatar
Tight! and I'm coppin' one of your t-shirts too!
SMfelipe's avatar
this is SO great!
MrEdison's avatar
Ahhh shit... this inspires me to start doing comics... even if it only lasts for about one page, rofl.
TigerNightHawk's avatar
The color really looks awesome on the panels, and the level of details looks really nice, keep it up.
CassandraJames's avatar
This is fantastic! Wheee my head gets like that with pineapple too! :heart:
AtomicStoney's avatar
Damn, that's wicked. I love it. XD

Nice cameo's.
deadish's avatar
i am going to steal your brain.
i swear i will!
wikkidwikkid's avatar
kinda like sharknife in a way. keep it cool mate
delSHARK's avatar
I still love how you drew Nex there. ;0 Awesome~
Sagewulf's avatar
I think Hector's got some pineapple-lovin' competition, Jeff.:D Man, only if I had the time to draw all these guys together! But anyways, for the comic itself. It MAJORLY reminds me of a Miazaki film, it definately shows.:) Not to mention the character itself is very loveable.:heart: I mean, who wouldn't like a dim-witted, easily distracted pineapple lover like Reggie? Very well done, Jeff. Going onto the next page! :+fav:
SankofaRida's avatar
The Reggie is nuts!!
archvermin's avatar
Holy shit that's awesome.

You need to do more comics like these. And these must go in your portfolio.
shadowssurroundme's avatar
love that pineapple panel hahaha best ever!
einahpets's avatar
Is that... Nex? XD You rock! Awesome comic
technoah's avatar
Mensaman's avatar
Nice work, it reads relly well, and I love the final panel...
DyceIBG's avatar
dang man... this is wicked. Nice work :D
DarkmasterN's avatar
beautifully colored! and also, I believe that he may be one of my new favorite comic book characters! lol!
Phsycodelic's avatar
really awsome man!
your really getting in to void arent you..XD
well thats good!
really awsome colors!
dottlee4's avatar
Yeah dis is GOOOD man real good, can i ask 1 qusetion if u dont mind answering? How da u create the background on the PINEAPPLE cell? coz i would not know how to do dat.
U got da best gallery u know dat innit!
Dualmask's avatar
Looking good. Great backgrounds and nice cameos.
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