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Someday, Abu. . . .

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". . . . things are gonna change. We'll be rich, live in a palace, and never have any problems at all..."

'another one for the february's daily-draw over @ the Sketchtavern and following off from Hades, is another Disney themed piece.
This time of the hero of one of the 1st disney flick i'd seen in the theatres (i had watched the little mermaid on VHS)

I'm very pleased w/ this one, as i kinda felt like i had to rush myself to beat the clock.

Shoulda mentioned that a 1200x900 is available for d/l as a wallpaper.

4h.HBpencil/A5PrinterPaper > Photoshop7/OpticalMouse
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Just, have you advice about how to get better at colouring? Your colours are nice, and I would want to learn how to do it.
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I simply keep on colouring.
See what works, and what doesn't.
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With your guys' style, amazing!
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Great job on the details, lighting, pose and background.
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Chamba dude, did you try sending your Disney line of pics to them by any chance? I know they're going all CG now but damn, I don't think they'd hesitate to take someone of your caliber. You're too good to NOT be able to cross off "worked with Disney" from your to-do list.
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It's never really been on my list.
There are many more artists dedicated and deserving of those placements. But thanks
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Fave movie of all time!
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i love the unique style of this one! His face just emotes hope! well done!
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Beautiful! I love the lighting.
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Oh, Man, Aladdin... You put my whole childhood in a picture only! :love:
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Riff-raff. Street rat. I don't buy that. If only they'd look closer. Would they see a poor boy? No siree.
They'd find out there's so much more to me....

:heart: =]
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you have been featured here [link]
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Aladdin and Abu look great in your style- this is really well done! :D
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Cute work :]
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