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Skratch - skull

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the shirt is available here!

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It owns..............this is a link of me wearing the long sleeved version.

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Excellent concept!
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I'm definitely considering gettin' this.

Amazing! Just amazing!


Big cheers Chamba!

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Brilliant design. WANT! :B
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This looks so realistic. That reaper looks mean I wouldn't wonna get on the wrong side of him. Well done. Did you ever read any Terry Prachett books? This pic reminds me of the character that played death.
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that's so good! :D
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Aaawesome my favorite af all the shirts so far :) :+fav:
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Omg I love this! I had fav'd your other shirt designs but this one I like the best! I love how you design them so they're not just prints on the shirt they look like they're in the shirt lol..if that makes sense xD
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everything you do is so creative and fresh
even when you are drawing something as overused as skulls
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I like this shirt my favorite.
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this shirt is tight....i need to check this link out see what the hell is going on....very cool...i bet it'd look cool if he was missing a tooth :)
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Holy shit, I kind of want to buy this.
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bro:wow: kickass reaper shirt Im gonna add it to my collection
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Deep man, deep...
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Sweeeet! I love the detail you put in including the spine
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Note to self, make a T-shirt with Mandy and text reaper washes my laundry. :)
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This is just too cool!
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smooth reaper man!
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Finally! A skull shirt without looking typical! Love it.
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haha yeah that was the part i wanted to do.
something somewhat not typical.
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Waw I love it, I want it :XD:
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