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SKRATCH - pixiv meme - Reggie

this is the last Skratch I will be posting here on my DA page. For all the DAILY skratches, visit :iconskratchwork:!

So this here is Reggie with this style meme that Originated from PIXIV, and translated into DA through this [link]

click on any of the following for larger views

a Fun exercise.

back to pixel characters tomorrow, or maybe something else
we shall see

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Why stop!? More More More!
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I'm done with it, but it was fun while it lasted
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lol cool :iconiloveitplz: love the last one
The another looks like Johny Test
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This is absolutely amazing! :D

You're such a great artist!
Keep up the good work!
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so you say Good lookin = Manga?
in what world it is? maybe in Hell...
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Coooooooool!!!! ^_^
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This puts a big smile on my face. thank you! :D
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Oh. My. Goodness. He's really really good-looking. Does he call that look blue steel?
*You said on the front of your gallery that you read every single comment posted... so you'd better be replying to mine, eh?*
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I read every comment.

doesn't mean I do reply to every one of em.

blue steel, it is not.
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Amazing! Wish there was more artist interpetaton on this, but this here...this is amazing.
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love them all, love the rendering of colors, lighting, shadows, quality.. nice :thumbsup:
if I'm not mistaken, Butch Hartman is the creator of, uhm, Danny Phantom? ^^;
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lol! the cubist one is freakin scaryyyy
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which book i can learn to draw styles of drawing like that?
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I know that STUFF !!
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This is awesome! XD
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