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RandomVeus X SpaceDandy

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Watch the Video of this being drawn at the following link:

Did another Time Lapse video.
here's a RandomVeus x Space☆Dandy cross-over piece.
I can dream, right? haha

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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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CelsyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't usually watch anime by space dandy was good!!
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that's cool
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SyahtrecHobbyist Digital Artist
haha this is awesome :D !
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Mug-O-CoffeeHobbyist Traditional Artist
These two would make a really amazing pair in a series :D
theCHAMBA's avatar
i know i would watch it, hah
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bluesagHobbyist Artist
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BlueBerserkerProfessional Digital Artist
Oh god, I need to practice and reach your level of confidence in the cellshading part because its SO PEEVING seeing you churn out awesome pics like crazy.
Always cool seeing you do art in real time. I'm still too shaky and newbie to use the lasso tool as masterfully as you do, so I'm stuck with the brush. haha. :P
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I feel the same in regards to seeing fully painted stuff or at least more rendered than cels.
I simply lack both patience and technique with that, but hope to discipline myself soon. 
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JBDIZHobbyist Traditional Artist
while the similarites are there both projects have huge differences for instance dandy and the crew hunt aliens for money the randomveus guys are a delivery service if im not mistaken
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well of course they're different.
I wasn't saying that one was a clone of the other.

it was a comparison made in good humour.
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JBDIZHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh i know what you meant in drawing this it is funny how similar they are lol i was just saying nobody copied anyone here lol
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HeroXeroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool piece, I just started watching Space Dandy and I love it.
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good on ya
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randomveus, space dandy and redline...all oddly similar lol
theCHAMBA's avatar
similar with many differences
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Exactly. Sort of an archetype. Anyway all 3 are awesome.
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character design that is
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JBDIZHobbyist Traditional Artist
so awesome xD simarly styles too
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hyperpatheticalHobbyist General Artist
Wrote up a blog post for this:…

If you can't get official permission just do a parody like you did with the "Powder Pufferfish Girls."
Instead of Space Dandy have Crocodile Dandy or Space Dundee.
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