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a Full colour Digital Bust Commission for :iconjohnamsteins: of Battle Chaser 'Red Monika'

Done whilst catching up on Tell'em Steve-Dave.
Lots to catch up on.

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Such an unusual pose... Makes it interesting. (and no, I do not mean her bust showing extra cleavage) 
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From the angle, her hands are on the back of the viewer's head.  This could either be bad because she is going to slam the viewer's face into her knee, and break teeth.  Or it could be worse, and she slams your face into her cleavage and holds it there.

Why is that worse?  Because then she is doing it to make her boyfriend jealous, and her boyfriend gets murderously jealous when he sees someone else playing with Red Monika.
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Is her boyfriend truly someone to fear?
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I'm trying to remember the specific comic book now, but the main character had the ability to hop dimensions.  He wound up in the comic where Red Monika lived, and by surprise he was able to knock her out.  She also had a robot that travels with her to record her adventures.

She proclaimed that since he defeated her she was his, with all that implied (while topless in a stream with the water running down her body).  However a character about the size and temperament of Juggernaut showed up (but the odor of limburger, so bad a robot had to wear nose plugs), and Red Monika told the larger type that she only did it to make him jealous.

The dimension hopper is able to rig up a device using the camcorder that knocks the giant character out, and Red Monika gets actually angry, trying to kill him.  The main character is then able to barely pop back to his home dimension.
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Eh,he doesn't sound so tough.
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or, could be just holding her phone that way
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Kesshi011Hobbyist General Artist
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kskillzProfessional General Artist
Love the viewe on this, and the colors are great!
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kskillzProfessional General Artist
No prob!
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psiandcoStudent Writer
I love this image and it's style. it provokes me to imagine the story upto this point and wonder what is going to happen next.

Fan-fic; "Paradox"

The skyship rocked with the sounds of battle. Resounding cannon fire screamed away towards an enemy vessel and impacting shells shattered wooden beams and pirates with ease. I find myself hoping to be next...
I am a mystic of the mind, a mentu. Mentu's clasify their talents as disciplines, my discipline is "oracle". I can see the future. I had grown up in a fishing village without walls, no army, not even a watch, because my gifts would warn the village ahead of time. In fact we had handily defeated all the pirates on this ship previously because of my foreknowledge.
One can discover much about how an oracle's powers work by visiting a sage, and the pirate captain did to find a weakness.
The day my village was razed, I was unable to correctly percieve what was going to happen. I had visions of tree branches, bushes and shrubery making war on us. it did not make sense. Once it was too late, I understood. The pirates had returned, each was wearing screens of woven leafy branches. I was taken prisoner, and I do not know if anyone from my village survived. The pirate captain has me bound in chains between two posts near his navigator's desk. I have been tortured repeatedly to tell him where treasures are hidden, the locations of rich cargo vessels, and how to defeat any foe.
Today, I lied. My visions showed that I would be rescued. I would be freed. That these priates would be put to the sword. It was happening now. The pirate ship had been boarded; I could hear the clashing of blades, and elemental sorcery being unleashed. when the last battlecry fell silent I knew in my heart it was over. The door to the pirate captain's chambers was kicked open, then closed, Only on person had come in. The victor, the captain who would rescue me...
The evil pirate captain was dragon-blooded, and he must have made his bed from all the filty luccre I had won him. I heard a lilting, feminine laugh; Light, loving, surprised and delighted. I heard the sudden jingle treasure, she must have run her hands through heap, before she herself dived into it. She was enjoying herself rolling in a great bath filled with coin and precious stones, I began to doubt her motives. I groaned softly.
Suddenly the door burst open, a blade flashed, blazing emrald eyes searching the darkness, coming to rest on me. She sheathed her sword, walked to stand before where I was bound. She knelt down and lifted my head in her hands. I opened my eyes, silently pleading. I had heard of this pirate, I knew her name. I was so weak from my ordeal, "Red Monika", Was all I could say.
And she looked at me with a playful smile on her lips, she said, "so, this is the goose that lays the golden eggs"...
I pass out, darkness claims me, what happens next, is another story
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archverminHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn you Madureira, why did you simply just stopped?
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Roninwolf1981Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Monika; one of my favorite redheads.
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Agent88Student Traditional Artist
Extreme Close-up!
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I will always love this character
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EvoXtenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the Perspective of this drawing!!!!
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Shexy! Hey is Red Monika still available to read?
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culdesackidzProfessional Digital Artist
nice shot
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PREPBOYProfessional Interface Designer
Just tellin' me girlfriend that this is what i think makes you good!
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