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Mega Man Legacy Collection


Mega Man Legacy Collection brings enhanced versions of MM1~6 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC this summer - and Nintendo 3DS this winter!

Here's the Artwork I drew up for the Key Promo Art.

Was an pleasure and honour to do so.

Photoshop & Intuos4

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I have that for PS4 and Switch and I love it lots. :D :heart:

Might want to update the list of consoles because Capcom confirmed this, Legacy Collection 2 & Mega Man X Collection, is also coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.
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So many Robot Masters, so little time~
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Astonishingly awesome work, you manage to capture the action and fun of the first six Mega Man games in these pieces so beautifully, this is how the Blue Bomber always deserved to look!
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thanks so much!
warriorboyguy's avatar
This is amazing!!!
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You have done Megaman so much justice... 
This art gives him the full glory he deserves. You have done so well-
I admire your artistic abilities-
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thank you very much
TobyToon's avatar
TvT mm- yes. 
Love the username too. And your icon- oml
theCHAMBA's avatar
haha thanks a lot!
i like the icon too, (it's fun to look at, hah)
TobyToon's avatar
uvu For sure, for sure! 
And indeed. oAo
Good luck in your further art ovo^
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Ringman's Stage? Or Geminiman?
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I'm currently forgetting what they had asked for again
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No Mega Man 5 bots.  I thought something about the box art looked off.
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it's what was instructed by CAPCOM
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Still?  I'd remove one of the original 6 robots and replace it with a Mega Man 5 one.
theCHAMBA's avatar

I included the characters I was instructed to.

I did my job
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Not faulting you at all.  It's just weird that Capcom would want Mega Man 5 robots not included on the cover.
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I absolutely LOVE the work you've done for legacy collection. You capture the colorful and energetic style of the Megaman games very well! :clap:
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thanks so much!

It was truly an honour to get the chance to illustrate these
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Never seen your work prior to this collection's announcement, but whoever it was at Capcom that found you must have excellent taste! If they get around to future projects like a 2nd Collection or even a new game, I'd definitely be happy to see them elect you for it again! Def gotta check the rest of your artwork :D
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