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My current wallpaper.

I'm a big fan of both of these Franchise characters.

It's hot today.


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This is awesome! Love Lupin III! Oh, and a side note, both
series music is composed by Yuji Ohno, so if you were wondering why the music for both series is heavenly, that's why. XD
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and why they're so darn awesome.
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Apparently we have very similar taste! Did you know, there's actually a few connections between these animes? Yuji Ohno composed the theme songs for both series. Some of the staff who worked on the third Lupin series (and Cagliostro) also worked on Cobra, too!
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Lupin <3

You sly devil, you.
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Anyone drawing Cobra fanart these days gets auto props, but shit a Chamba Cobra, what more could a girl ask for? Love both these guys ... such badassery, its great to see them graced by your killer style man! Good luck at SDCC! :D
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heh yep
I loves me some cobra.

here's an older Chamba Cobra piece
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would be awsome to see a full cobra piece
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look in gallery
CalvinSimsArt's avatar
lol you tell me this everytime I ask questions. Imma just do that from now on. haha
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Excellent ;]

About these two legends cannot be put at the same level.

Cobra is mythical
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Would be cool if there was an anime they were both in xD
Can't beat the classics :3
ChromaEffulgence's avatar
wow I knew it was lupin the moment I saw it!!
U are truly a art master:heart:
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Wonderful. I love Lupin, but have yet to see Cobra. Looks very cool though.
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isn't it Cobra and lupin ???

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My god that is amazing!
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i like wat u did with lupinIII.nicely done
zfura's avatar
WOWW WOWW great one! two of my favorites characters of all times, fantastic!
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aww man, this is freakin awesome. 2 of my fav characters. Cobra is one of the biggest badasses ever.
theCHAMBA's avatar
easily one of the most bad-arses mmhmm
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Man, I've tried to find the manga for Cobra all OVER the place, but to no avail! Its one of those series you really wanna check out, but can't seem to track down.

SO annoying.

Damn cool connection with the characters though.
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