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I drew this and more during the #ChipperChapChat LIVEstream with FooRay last week.

You can watch it at:

This is that silly #SFV #Akuma design. First time drawing it as I've yet to draw it for work.
I didn't draw him as his exact design, as I made his beard cover his chin, unlike the real one which is actually just a full on neckbeard (not a fan of that)
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Beautiful line art.
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Nice drawing! The lines are so clean! :D
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WOW! Amazing work!
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I really do like what I see right now^^ Yes magnificent work you've done here~
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Yeah, beard looks much better than neck beard. The new Akuma design looks pretty ropey, but the way that you've drawn it here makes it look cool.
I wish streetfigher had gone a teeny bit more stylized.
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I also like the way he's drawn by Bengus too
t's just in game he looks weird, with loads of clipping too
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Love the drawing, But the link says the video is no longer up.

I really love how you simplify your anatomy and how varied the lines are. And the pose is so dynamic as well.
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oh cheers for the heads up regarding the link!
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Your very welcome! Its working now. :) Seeing you guys work on your lineart and how fast you guys are makes me only envy and respect your work more. Don't know how you do it.
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Your lines are so clean, love it!
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Nice work! I love it ♥
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Good work. I actually don't mind akuma's new look in sfv.
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Akuma Matata. :)
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