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Leopard Queen's Outback

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Full-Colour commission for of the MAXX and the Leopard Queen Julie.

aite, so this is a full colour commission.
Although i kinda treated it more like a personal fanart piece. mainly due to the character i hadta portray. yeh..
i doubt any other colour-commissions will come out this good.. i reckons.. really depends on what i havta draw and how much control i have of subject matter and pose etc..

4h.HBpencil/PrinterPaper > Photoshop7/OpticalMouse
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This is absolutely astounding. I am awestruck. Is there a print of this?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! 
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Please please please! And what are you working on currently? Do you take commissions?
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currently not one available

possibly soon
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I adore the Maxx... you've done a stunning job portraying its main characters :-)
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Love the colors and the style.
Great work!
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I've been idolizing this piece for years. Every so often I'll come back to it and realize it's still my favorite piece of fanart/art ever. Gorgeous treatment of The Maxx and Julie's Outback.
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hah, thank you very much dude.
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This is freaking EPIC!!
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she's a beautiful queen
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she was something
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oh you are a smart man i have seem and i know you can make a awesome animation or movie just your fucking awesome 
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I don't have the patience for that, but thank you
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Ahh, that brings me back. I would live in THAT Australia. With the airwhales and the ises and the slugs that can jump half a mile straight into the air. Actually I guess the place that is called Australia here on Earth would be an improvement too.... late night Mtv in the mid 90s. I came for Beavis and Butthead, stumbled onto The Head but from there I stayed for The Maxx.... the peak of the 90s, the time I miss. I keep longing for the last 20 years would be like Groundhog Day and it would suddenly be a time when groundhog day was a new release. And it's not a longing for a lost childhood mind you, I'm much older than that, I don't want any other era. Just the mid 90s.
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that's fair enough.
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As an enormous Maxx fan, I would be proud to have a piece like this hanging on my wall. Simply stunning!
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Not sure if I commented on this image already but kick ass. The Maxx is definitely one of my favorite "superheroes" of all time. That epic was one of the few good things MTV was good for! Great art here! Nice piece! :)
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