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Ladies and Gentlemen. .


preview of Street Fighter II Turbo #6 out this week!!
more previews - > [link] < -

*is currently working on #07*
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Kitsune-Moon-Spirit's avatar
This is amazing and bursting with spirit! I am so inspired to come up with my own stuff like this!
GreySidewinder's avatar
You do NOT mess with the Gief. Not even if you're a ninja.
DMajorBoss's avatar
Heheh, makes for a cool tag-team.


Nicely done; thanks for sharing.
localgod325's avatar
love it- love it man ;P
NanasFreak's avatar
LMFAOOOO! Man I feel so sorry for those guys directly underneath the sumo guy. THEY'RE GONNA GIT SQUASHED, lol.

Great lines/colors, dude! :D
Keikuina's avatar
Ninjas can't catch them! Hm... well, they can, but... not for a long time though >.>
TheToonDevil's avatar
I'd hate to be the guys under E.Honda right now.
theHetman's avatar
The Fat man did it,
for the lulz
ultimate-super-mario's avatar
I feel sorry for those ninjas that are gonna get body slammed...
weshoyot's avatar
i absolutely love the energy in all of your work man, outstanding!!
piefreak6's avatar
I love the progression ins your work!
dio-03's avatar
it happens.,
PatCarlucci's avatar
Next level AWESOMENESS Jeff!
johnsonverse's avatar
Damn! That is awesome!
Skullomonkey's avatar
is that geki from the original street fighter????
Skullomonkey's avatar
lol blast from the past (quick reponse O_o)
i realy love your works. yeah :D
JSVB's avatar
Epic. Just epic.
Ookami-Kuro's avatar
Man I feel sorry for the the 3rd cat from the left under Honda...dude is gonna take all of that and get folded over on his knees...ouch! As usual you're kicking ass with this! Keep it up!
thevampiredio's avatar
honda's gonna make some ninja pancakes for ya!
bluebunnyRAFI's avatar
Your pieces are always so full of energy... Guess I don't know exactly how to describe what I feel... You're an amazing artist, Mr. Chamba! Street Fighter never looked so cool... :)
Cryptcrawler's avatar
The "aloftness" of Honda in the background there really steals the show on this one!
You know often I ask myself what that feeling is when I see some of your art, for some odd reason ive never been able to define it until now.

Its *fun*!

Great job on this.
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