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It'll only take one punch for this.

'Caped Baldy' Saitama VS Colossal Titan.

This is what I think would happen if they faced each other.

Fan of both series, but yeah. Saitama (and onepunch-man manga - both the original by ONE and the newly illustrated version by Yusuke Murata/ONE) are the AWESOME.


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The Colossal Titan's dead, time to retake Wall Maria.
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Eren: well...for the least kill it ._.
Which arm is stronger, this1 or the right?
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There goes Bertholdt

By the way he has a white cap
this is Fuckin Awesome..!!
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The Strongest HERO!!
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And thus that weak-willed traitorous F#$ker never spawned to cause misery to mankind since.

And then all was right in the world.....
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dude how did you manage to bring my two favorite animes in one freaking image I mean wtf

I could just keep looking at it untill I die
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this is rlly good :0
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This artwork introduced me to both series around the time you posted it.  At the time, they were slowly gaining popularity, but now One Punch Man and Attack on Titan are popular anime shows.
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Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. So good.
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Oh, yeah, especially for me. 'Cause I started to watch One Punch Man exactly after Attack on Titan and... Yeah, I was thinking about it constantly x)
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I think Saitama was like
"Screw you Eren"
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It must be really boring being so strong
This is a REALLY uneven matchup considering that RADITZ could probably curbstomp damn near anything in the AoT world, and Saitama, who is leagues above Raditz, the Titans are so screwed it's kinda funny,
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it's just a fun image
I know. I just overthink things. A lot.
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R.I.P Bertholdt Hoover :<
,,You are my Hero''
R.I.P Titan

I love the lack of F!#@ of Saitama, like he is always "Ok" with everything lol
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