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These are the hi-res LINES


4h.Hbpencil/A4PrinterPaper (levelled and pupils added in PS7)


Colour if you like. You don't need to ask.
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Is there any chance of you ever posting a tutorial/ step by step expanation of how you put this together.  I feel like what you have done here is within my grasp, I just need a head start and a little walk through.   I really love this image and you general drawing style.  Its really very clean with a great amount of detail to take and old classic and make it feel like a new Anime or something. 
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unfortunately there will never be a step by step for this piece in particular, as it both lost (original) and undocumented (the process of drawing it)
Also, being drawn entirely traditionally on a single sheet of paper, it would just show each character drawn one after the other.

Well I meant in terms of how you use your programs to color your images.  I would just like to see how you go through your process of adding color, shadow and detail on any old project

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Aahh, well your comment/question would have made more sense if you had asked it on a colour piece rather than the hi-res lines.
the following link… shows a few of what you're asking for.
Thank you for taking the time to answer!

and by "this image" I do mean the final colored version!

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It's amazing how I always seem to stumble upon your works now matter what I'm looking up xD
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Good stuff tho brother :iconthumbsupplz:
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This is great! I was wondering.. Does your lil' logo spell CHAMBA? If so.. I'm havin a hard time interprating the 'b', i can spot a c h double a and an m
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The Goompa lools a lot more epic on this one.
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thanks for making it available for coloring! ^^
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Mind if I give coloring this a go? (with proper credit, of course)
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written in Bold in the Artist's Comments.
folks needn't ask
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Hence my followup comment :) I JUST noticed what I wrote soon as I submitted. Believe me, I'm a heckler for people who dont read descriptions

My apologies~
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all good
I realize a lot of folks actually realize too late, ohwell.
I wasn't going to bother respondign as I figure folks will eventually see the writing in bold, but then again some just don't even notice (or bother noticing)
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~Gah, nevermind. I just noticed the end of your description even AFTER I read it.. feels dumb
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amazing work
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Lol now they look like Jamie and Adam xD
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sorry, but i don't know who you're referring to.
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Mythbusters, Jamie and Adam lol
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haha, totally right! :la:
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