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Gen 13

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Gen 13

One of the books that got me back into reading comics as a teen.
Campbell’s art - Early influence on me. Not so much at all these days, but there is no doubt that early on, I had picked up a thing or two from observing his stuff.

Here’s a convention print for this year.

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Haven't seen any artwork by these guys in quite a while. A welcome blast from the past!
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lol Roxy looks like shes having fun, great job it looks wonderful
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NP! Have a good day :wave:
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90s flash back!
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the first american comics I ever bought was a gen 13.
I can remember, I think it was the episode 13.. there was Wolverine, Hellboy and a lot of comics characters I did not knew at this time ^^..
I was really young and totally amazed by j.scott campbell drawings O_O!
It was a reallyyyy good influence on me too, maybe if I'm still drawing totay is his fault haha ^^..
Anyway, it's a great tribute you did here :D 
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GEN13 was solid fun
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It got me back into reading comics again too! I have the whole series-with J. Scott and Jim Lee at the helm. Stopped collecting after that. 
Great work again, man!
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much thanks
also Brandon Choi
He was the writer
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Always my favorite Team of Teenage heroes! You did a fantastic job with this one brought back lots of memories and made me smile :D 
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Love Gen13, love your dynamic interpretation, love all! Asmodiel- Handdance 
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yeah man, GEN13 was my thing back in the day.

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Hell yes! When Gen 13 was GOOD!!
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Art looks amazing! Makes me miss the old days. I still have a short box with ALL of Gen 13 v1 v2 and v3 - even tho ... yea - but anything past there, its completely beyond me now. All of Gen 13 is split up and they're all on different teams now in the DC universe. I even saw Grunge pop up in Superman. All I could do was shake my head. But this!! This is amazing stuff!! ^^
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Really love Gen 13!
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Gawd i haven't seen this crew since the 90's...
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and they're STILL cool!
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Haven't actually read Gen13 myself. Never got around to it.
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I am soooooooo happy that you did this. I was also a fan of the comic and I don't know what made me think of them, but it's good to see that there are others who still remember this great characters. Great piece!
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