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Incredible work!!!
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How did you create this image? It looks like it was entirely drawn on computer
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right, because it is

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Are you able to describe how you draw on computer? I would love to know more about this style
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The soldier reminds me of a parademon
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they frogs too?


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This is so awesome. Now imagine what Komplex would look like in this style.

(Imagines something like SHODAN's face, except resembling a Toad's face instead of a human woman's face).
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Nice work on making Toadborg suitably tanky.
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Toadborg looks like a bionicle.
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Damn, but you're good with these...
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They were fun for an empire of evil jack-booted thugs.

Case in Point: TOAD TV.
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That's one mean Toadborg

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Manb this makes me so nostalgic. 
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the general toad looks like captain grime from Amphibia 
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no problem for reference this is what grime looks like hopefully, you can see the resemblance 
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Holy....It's the evil Toad Empire!

TO ARMS! TO ARMS!Red Alert Red Alert 
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