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February Daily Draw 2015

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Here's a complete compilation of my Random Traditional Daily Draws from February 2015.

Tools used:

#pentelofamerica #pocketbrush, #sharpie, #copic grey,  #prismacolor pen

Oh also, I know it's usually an unspoken rule for most everything that I post (That most likely applies for every other post also).
It would be greatly appreciated if none of the ideas or images in this set (or in all that I do normally post) are used/redrawn without permission from me.
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AMAZING. Even if you're drawing a silhouette, I can see your syle on it. I love the versatility of your art!
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thanks for viewing
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I saw the first half of these elsewhere. I thought those were awesome but I gotta say, the pictures from 17 on almost tell their own story. Absolutely beautiful. Gave me serious feels.
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Those certainly took a life of their own.
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Must. hug. heartbroken. dude. 
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i love and prefer your traditional work so much more, you don't even know. awesome
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Awesome man! Love the tradish. Jealous you were able to keep it up for the month like this, I barely mustered a week haha. 
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it's entirely understandable how folks can't maintain a month, what with all the other things in their life going on.
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That's true, but kudos to you man for sticking to it. Btw, love your tank girl haha.
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These ideas are really cool. You're mind must be an interesting place.
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thank you.

It's not.
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oh oh oh
i LOVE LOVE the ideas here. your man with the expanding heart is beautiful. i'd love to see a story developed around him.
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A lot of enjoyable stuff in this compilation. Though the half tank girl is by far my favorite. 
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Tank-top, and thank you
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Nice collection there! :)
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Wow. That's actually a good idea. I think I'll do daily drawings as well! I really like the plain looking man. It looks so surreal.
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definitely do.
It's a fun exercise
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Such cool arrangements.
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