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Fatal Fury 2

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Other than SFII, this was my game to play on the Megadrive during the 90's!

Fatal Fury would probably look like this if I drew a comic for it.
At least that's what I think.

Possible Convention Print?

4H.HBpencil/8.5x11Paper > PSCS3/Intuos4
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Fatal Fury is my favorite series. I like SF and enjoy it with friends but when you find another person into this series and take them on it's magical.
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This is sick! I actually used to work at Ignition and we would have loved this back in the day!  

Anyways, i run a video game art event now, and you should enter it into our video game fanart contest! I think the crowd would love it, and we put it up at The Museum in Jacksonville, FL. And you could win $100. Hit me up if you have questions.…
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Love this pic ^w^
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Wow thats amazing nice work chamba.Wink/Razz Rabbit hole 
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Would you like the idea of  Street Fighter X Tekken X King of fighters
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not as much as CAPCOM VS CAPCOM.
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Again, Legendary Men Return!!!

Best FF2 game art ever!!
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leavin me speechless!
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Holy. Crap!!!! Well done!!
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Retro-y awesomeness. I still play the old SNK games from time to time. Have pretty much all the collections they did on the PS2.
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