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Enter the Mushroom Kingdom

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So here's the final piece.
Finally posted in full.

T'was wickedly fun to do.

a Convention Print I did up for this year.
Finished early April this year.
Drawn on A4 size paper using 4H and HB lead.
Coloured in PSCS3 using an Intuos2


Unrendered - MARIO BROS. by theCHAMBA
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I fucking LOVE THIS!!! This is so epic and intense! I love the style of it almost looking like a photograph. The way you layered this composition was genius. I would pay so much money to see an animated film for this series, with this art style and intensity. Awesome work!

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We need a Mario that looks like this

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that'd be something!

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It would I feel like there characters are classics and iconic so it would be crazy if they did but would be amazing to see what updated redesigns would look like
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damn the new mario movie looks good
here i am thinking "im pretty good at drawing" then i see this
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shit just got serious:) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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badass Mario if I ever saw one
Epic!!!!!!!! Studio Madhouse does Mario Brothers kick a$$!!!!😎
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is that a jojo reference?
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Mario's Bizarre Adventure
Really good work on this art id like to make this art into shirts please contact me
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oh you have the Nintendo license to make shirts?
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Really amazing job 👏👏👏👏👏
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That Yoshi though!
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