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for this week's weekly jam held by and
HERE -----> [link] <-----HERE

theme was to ZOMBIE-FY an original character of yours..

so i ZOMBIE-FIED my character Syke... and a few others too..

-from left to right-

's 'DUDE'
's 'Gravity Girl'
's 'Gabe', 'Randolph', 'Hex' & 'SYKE'
's 'Kuro'
's 'Maskboy'
's 'Flex-R'
's 'P2'
and lastly 's 'Un-named fatguy from the concept Stretch Mechanics'


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I see a boomer in the background
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Fat zombie type from left 4 dead :iconboomerplz:
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when was left 4 dead made?
oh my gooooood!!!This draw makes me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love zombies,and these are the most beautiful creatures i ever seen!!!!!! (L)
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this should most definitely be added here -> [link]

awesome work all around!
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This Might Have Nothing To Do With It.
But It Reminds Me Of Resident Evil.
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This is dope son! you should do more dead stuff!... and post it with the infected over at Livingly Challenged.
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You wanted this to look creepy? You got it! The lines and long thin bodys and long fingers, makes this realy realy creepy!

Great work!!
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This piece Great!!!!!!!!!!!
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great zombie team :D
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that;s a good thing.. right =P
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thats a great idea! looks like some iron maiden poster.
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Really really cool! nicely done!!
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THis pcik just gave me nighmares for at least a couples of weeks *looks behind her back and shivers* I hate zombies!! But its a really nice pic :D if you can make me get nightmares its really good! Five starts on you ***** ^^
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The colours, the atmosphere, the entire image is a huge wow.

Such a fine work of art!! Keep up the good works! :)
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finelly doomrthinh really great
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Haha, That's some Thriller action right there. They should all start dancing!

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great job lol that fat one in the corner makes me laugh
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