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Full-Colour commission for :icondaabbot: of DC's Ambush Bug & Sgt Cheeks.

Did this up today, quite an odd looking fella, but was fun to draw up!

4h.HBpencil/A5PrinterPaper > Photoshop7/OpticalMouse
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Nice! I like Ambush Bug!
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Re-Requesting for my group(s)
Pending you approve.
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ah, I love Ambush Bug
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Nice job...gotta love the Bug!
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I think someone else said it before me, but it is worth repeating.
The A-Bug never looked looked better and he seems to know it....
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one of the most under rated characters ever
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Ambush bug is the best.
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Absolutley awesome! You got a great style!
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Loved it! Nice "chamba" (that's a spanish word for job, did you know?).
totally awesome

woop woop woop!!
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I love Ambush Bug. There's ... not surprisingly... very few pics of him on DA. -_-
I love your art, though. If I'd gone through your gallery more the other day I would have found this silly thing. That makes me fail as a Schwabb fan... ;_;
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You'd never guess how weird he is lol. Nice work :)
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HELLZ YES. Favorited xBillion

I can't wait until the new mini series comes out.
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i remember the time Sandman (the Endless Sandman) turned Ambush Bug's head into a toilet.
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Ambush Bug! And Cheeks! You have no idea how happy this made me :D
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very fly character drawing, love the doll he's holding=]
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Now thats cool!
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hells ya ambush bug
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