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4 Emperors of Shadaloo

11x14 Full Colour Marker Commission of Shadaloo's 4 Emperors.

FUN piece.
took about 3 hours to do.

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Is it wrong that I find Vega EXTREMELY attractive
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to each their own =)
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All four are awesome memorable fighting game bosses. Great work!
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I really like that this feels like something out of one of those old strategy guide/artbooks from the 90s!
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the first fighting game i ever well, unless u count Double Dragon..ah those were the days.
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you need OVER 9000 Views
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What's with Vega? He seems to like licking his claw.
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Your signature is in Balrog's globe???
Great piece.
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Awesome composure, cant hate on the top 4 badasses in SF
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That's it. Gonna go downstairs and buy the Complete Collection...
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i like how Sagat is touching his scar. for a marker job, this is really a piece of work, congrats.
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so clean!! Boxer looks crazy hyped, and dictator looks so evil!!
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