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084 - Diana Prince

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084 sketch of 2016

Drawn on #SketchbookX on a #Samsung #GalaxyNote4

#DC's #WonderWoman

Her theme is BOSS
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Total agreement, Junkie XL's insane, wailing, throbbing theme for her was THE BEST part of one of the year's best scores so far.  We can only hope it gets reprised in the solo movie.
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hopefully it's reprised for her solo
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That's a really good likeness Chamba!  Good on yah
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Nice!  Captured her look and mood for sure!  (BTW regardless the critics, the movie was good ;)
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I didn't saw it yet, but I expect her to be the best of the film.
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thanks a lot 
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you're very welcome 
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you're amazing!
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can you check out my first deviation? it would mean a lot thank you!
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Can i save it?
How can i save the picture?
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probably right click the image and see the options
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This movie was AWESOME!
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Best comic book movie ever. Thank you, Snyder.
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