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Percy and the Pacifics

fiddled about more with some things in cycles a few weeks back and this was the result

[[also just saying the female A1 is North Eastern - not Tornado]]
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That's wonderful!

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Where can i find these models?

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why is Gordon pissed?

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I Remember Using This On One Of Those Docs To Your Future Teachers 3 Years Ago. I Looked For This For Years But Could Never Find It. I Really Love This & Its One Of My Favorite Pics Ever

Pretty cool. Just one question, please: Are both of the Pacifics that Percy is talking to females?

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"...And would you believe it, Gordon, they gave me the same hideous double chimney and smoke deflectors I had before Mr Pegler came along? They must think I'm some sort of horse!"
"Really, Scotsman, you do complain about the most trivial of things!"
"Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, now, does it, Gordon?"
"And just what do you mean by that, may I ask?!"
"Oh, just something to think about, dear brother."
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Percy’s a big boy now!
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why is Great Eastern pissed?

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You mean Gordon?
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No, the blue Peppercorn Pacific. That's Great Eastern

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My bad. Thought it was Gordon, he’a blue.
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Now, that's awesome!
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Which one is the female A1?
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The one on Percy’s right? :P
HOLY COW! This is wonderful! 
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Wonder what they're talking about.

Percy: So Gordon, not wanting to take the special train, jammed the table and slid into a ditch!

North Eastern: Ahahahaha! Is that how it went Gordon?

Gordon: Oooooh the indignity...

Flying Scotsman: Come now Gordon, we've all had our embracing moments.

North Eastern: Yeah, like your rebuild!

Percy: And if you think thats funny, let me tell you about his special view!

I am such a geek. -w-
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Percy the Comedian. I love it.
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Beautiful work. 
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Nice work.
Who are they two, Percy stays between?
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from left to right, it's 60147 'North Eastern' & 60157 'Great Eastern'!
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¿Male Tornado or Female Tornado?
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Dude, that's not Tornado.
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