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My Bio

All my life I always liked well-drawn cartoons and artwork, but sadly, I can't draw! But I've always liked well-done cartoon art, and especially styles that convey emotion and personality without going overboard with silliness. I never cared for silly cartoons.

One thing I really like is adventure-themed cartoon art, as well as casual "everyday life" type scenes. I always liked adventure cartoons (as opposed to action cartoons, which are not the same thing), adventure books, and so on, and some of my favorite books growing up have been "slice of life" stories. Adventure is not the same as action. It's more about using your head rather than jumping into a fight, sneaking around, dealing with situations that are more interesting than "here's a bunch of bad guys, how do I beat them?" Sadly, action seems to be more popular than adventure by far.

Favourite TV Shows
Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Animaniacs (2020 reboot)
Favourite Games
Deadly Premonition, The Missing, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Super Mario main series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Switch, PC