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Cy's CSP Brush Pack

Here's my basic brush pack from Painter ported to Clip Studio Paint / Manga Studio 5.
Guide to install included in the zip package. Brush Pack included a Pencil, Watercolor, Flat Bristle brush, and a modified Eraser with pressure support.

Download button is on top! Below the picture there's a arrow button. Please login and click that before commenting link or file not exist.
Clip Studio Paint and Manga Studio 5 Only.

If you like more of these brushes, please do support me via Ko-Fi~!
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I want itttt

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it downloads just fine but when I try to add it in CSP by clicking "import sub tool" it doesnt show the file :c what can I do?

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The file doesnt exist ;;;

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It does. It downloads immediately for me. Try refresh page and try again.

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aww the file doesnt exist

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Yes it does, it's still there. Just press download button.

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the Bestest brush set around here! ever! i love the pencil. and paint... and everything about it! Excited Rainbow Dash large chat emote

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My favorite Clip Studio Brush set! :) Thank you for sharing!

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Oh, I'm very excited to try this out! Thanks.

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Will you be making these for Photoshop? I love them!

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sadly this pack wont download for me

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Your grease pencil is one of my most used brushes ever! I made several variants of it for my own personal use, and sometimes, your original plus my variants are the only brushes I use. This week I made this completely with the grease pencil and my variants-

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Glad it's useful~

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Do you accept deviantart points or have a place to accept a donation? I'm really happy with the grease pencil tool and was wondering

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