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Two year of repeating the subject in order for this day to come.
Today I've managed to solve a first order ordinary differential equation by using an integrating factor! It is the best day in my week. <3
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After a lot days of school (final exams in May!), after the Paschal Triduum (I'm Catholic altar server, remember) and some family reunion (I met my beloved aunt living abroad and tasted my uncle's wine) I am finally home and not flying everywhere around! :D

I logged in and I faced over 200 notifications... ;-; I deleted a majority of them and faved some.

Now I can call my GF, then go to sleep, then... Well, tomorrow I will host her (look twelve words before the parenthesis) in the morning, after then I go on to do my homework... On Wednesday I return to school and work. :'D

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OC Interview

5 min read
1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions.
Of course, I truly enjoy being asked questions!

2. First off, what's your name?
It depends, what You're asking about particularly... Generally they call me Sunny or Sunny Ray, in Equestrian documents I'm seen as Sunny Xavier Ray, which is a loose translation of official Asinestrian Sulari Csaveir Raḑ. There's also my christening name, Isidore Vlodislaus, but to be honest, I've never used it.

3. That's a really funny name, any idea why you're called that?
My parents have told me a lot years ago that they named me like that because I had been very cheerful.

4. That's cool I guess. Now what are you exactly? Give us a brief physical description of yourself.
Well, I am a pegasus... A pale-yellow pegasus with a light-orange mane and blue eyes, nothing special, but for a white left ear.

5. Have any friends? Tell me about them.
Well, I have friends. In Asinestria I had one friend, I used to call him "Lucky" but his real name was Paul (or Pavel). Here I've got some more friends, but I think that Spike the Dragon and Dr. Hooves are the closest ones.

6. Huh. Now do you have any one you like? You like? Or love?
Yes, and she is my marefriend now, but it is not really important for the interview, is it?

7. Okay, I'm sorry. Now, do you have any powers or unnatural abilities? (You know...zap zap!)
No, fortunately no. Why even would I want them?

8. Brilliant! What's your occupation? Do you work anywhere?
Well, now I am a public servant. I work in the Town Hall as a Technical Supervision Inspector.

9. What are you most afraid of?
Well... I am afraid about becoming alone.

10. Have any secrets you're willing to tell...?
Why ever would I answer?

11. So, you gotta have an enemy, who is it? What did they ever do to you?
Ureil Mrouitlin. He used to harass me all my high school...

12. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys? Come on! List at least three of them! Mention them right here, right now.
Do I have? I guess, not.

13. Catchphrase?
Sõta Providẽtait!

14. Do you have an accent? Do you pronounce certain things differently than others?
Well, sometimes (but now really rarely) I pronounce R hardly, TH like DZ or TS, sometimes L as W. It's all about Asinestrian. But nowadays those mistakes are extremely rare for me.

15. If you could species swap for a day, what would it be and why?
A stork... Just because...?

16. Ever....killed before? (Oh Noes )

17. Have a favorite weapon? (Mine's a bazooka, BOOM BOOM!!

18. Where do you live? (not trying to be creepy here, I meant what planet, world, dimension, etc.)
Well, in Ponyville, 16 Flower Str.

19. What do you usually wear?
A collar and a tie.

20. What's your opinion on your creator?
Devu, Dev Te beindica! Wait a moment... It makes no sense... Nevertheless, I love Him! ^^

21. If you could say something to your creator right now, what would it be and why?
I would probably yell at him 'cause he has no time to go on writing my story.

22. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? *throws money*
I would, first of all, think about it.

23. What's your lifelong dream?
To be happy.

24. Favorite food?
Carrots. A lot of carrots.

25. Ever wanna settle down and have kids one day?
Yes, OF COURSE! <3

26. Do you look up to anyone? Do you have an idol?
Do I have? I am not really sure...

27. If someone close to you died or got killed by someone else, what would you do?
I don't know. I just do not know the answer; and I am truly not about to consider it. :F

28. Can you dance? Or sing? Give me a sample of your singing voice. (*video recording the entire thing* huehuehuehue)
I could sing... But do I want to...?

29. Now to upload that to YouTube...anyways, what's your favorite song? Have a certain genre of music you listen to?
Ooohh... I like organ music, metal music, symphonic music...

30. This quiz is now over. Anything you wanna say to me, the interviewer?
Uhm... O revidiõd! (That is "See you later!") ^^
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