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Political map of the Kingdom of Asinestria



After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that the previous (initial) revision of Asinestrian map was good-for-nothing, so I decided to create a new version!

The first major change, not directly related to the map itself, is a new spelling system. I've decided a lot of months ago that I'm not going to use Polish orthography for Asinestrian anymore.
I've added a lot of new cities. That's not all, of course; I mentioned only major ones here. I've removed Barca city and changed the role of Varsinia.
There is no more ugly mutation of Asinestrian language in Premaria. It was terrible. It had both terrible sound and spelling. In fact, there is another language in the north of Premaria (Premair Venedca, Venedic Premaria), but it is not shown here.
I've also changed the coastline a little bit and exchanged X̧ualchia (to Zamogiit) for Prelaxe (south of Lûtovia), Pomeḑania and Pogeḑania (south of Premair).

Perhaps You've noticed that it is no more "People's Republic" here. If You think that I've decided to create a kingdom instead of it, You're wrong. It will follow the republic.

The kingdom itself will be divided into six dukedoms (ducate) ruled by the heirs to the throne (in the order of succession):
  • Grõiazênestria (Great Asinestria) - not a dukedom, belongs directly to the king.
  • Ducat Premare, tiare vĩtestrei i xolmnei (Dukedom of Premaria and Vintestrian and Cholmnian land).
  • Ducat Vxeradu i tiare loḑinei (Dukedom of Vcherad and Lodzinian land).
  • Ducat Pescloiazênestre (Dukedom of Lesser Asinestria).
  • Ducat Lûtove (Dukedom of Lutovia).
  • Ducat Rubrorute (Dukedom of Red Rute).

Asinestrian Royal Family in 1035ALB (AD 2045):

  • HRH Xavier Jr., Duke of Rute; HRH Elisabeth Warm, Duchess of Rute
    • HM Isidore I Sunny, Duke of Lutovia; HRH Fluttershy, Duchess of Lutovia
      • HRH Victoria, Duchess of Vcherad, lady of Lodzinian land; HRH Lightning Dash, Duke of Vcherad
        • HRH Lightning, Duke of Lesser Asinestria
      • HM Carol I Sky, King of Asinestria; HRH Skyla, Queen of Asinestria
        • HRH Alexander, Duke of Premaria, lord of Vintestrian and Cholmnian land

This art © Me.
Sunny Ray, Victoria and Asinestria ™&© Mateusz Karcz.

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Dear Lord, you really put your heart and soul into this project, every aspect of Asinestria and its' surrounding is like a scheme for a real country! Fantastic work, man!