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Sophie and Trinculo

Just a cute little picture of kalsagnia 's character Trinculo with Sophie from 'The School for good and Evil' Ahahaha. Don't kill me. I just thought they'd look cute together. Ke ke ke. I was right.

Didn't add Trinculo's eye-mask-thingy cause I couldn't make it look good. And Sophie doesn't have that frilly white thing around her neck cause I couldn't draw it. And I was guessing that the red eye of Trinculo's was just a Evil Trinculo thing?

I actually thought about this awhile ago. Just know decided to do it cause I'm working on a new character and he has a very complex design which is driving me crazy. So I decided to this to keep me sane. Another possible reason I decided to do this is possibly cause I know I'm going to get the second book (The School for Good and Evil A World Without Prince's) for Christmas :3

I had a lot more to add to the description last night XD I forgot most of it. I'm pretty sure some of it was that I think Trinculo is a much better choice then Tedros. Annnnnd.....

Right! Oddly enough the song(s) I listened to the most when doing this was song's from the Evillious Chronicles. Mostly 'Daughter of Evil' and the genderbent version 'Son of Evil' specifically this Rei Kagene verison

Annnnnnd........something else................I forget..............

Oh, right! You might of noticed lines in there hair. I tried adding lines to make it look more realistic. I didn't like how it turned out towards the top of there head but like how it looked towards the middle.

And yesterday I was watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The last episode I watched was "A Bad Reflection on You" and in the episode Rita makes 'mirrors' of the Power Rangers and it reminded me that out of boredom one day I made 'mirrors' of some of my characters. One of the characters I 'mirrored' was Kayra. And then I realized. Kayra would love Trinculo. Course she would love all of the Prince's but still

Oh! I have some questions for you kalsagnia ! Don't worry. There not all about Trinculo. Some are Pokemon related and some are about the other Prince's. Because, you know......OK you probably don't know. But.........

......I'll stop talking know before Sophie call's Anadil's giant rat's or Trinculo traps me in his pocket mirror........

Trinculo belongs to: kalsagnia

Sophie, The School for Good and Evil, The School for Good and Evil A World Without Prince's, Tedros, Anadil and her giant rat's belong to: Soman Chainani

Base by: Misa-pixels

Base: Kid Couple Base

Backround by: CindysArt-Stock

Backround: Mystical gate Premade
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I've never heard of The School for Good and Evil, but this is cute! And yeah, the red eye was just an evil Trinculo thing (I really need to work on that story again...)

And ask away! I don't mind a few questions xD
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It's a really good book. Thanks~

OK so I guess I'll start with the Mirage Gear questions. We know Praline's the youngest. Who's technically the oldest? We figured out that it was Trinculo that said “Nobody can be beautiful but me!” So. Going based of the picture and using my Sherlock skills I have guessed that Romeo was the one that said “Why can’t you all just leave me alone?!” Salvador was the one that said “Knowledge is power, and the power is mine!” Ludwig was the one to say “You’ll all be monsters!” And that Piot was the one that said “Are you willing to lay your life on the roll of a dice?” Am I at least right with Salvador? That's all for the Mirage Gear questions. Know for Pokemon. What Pokemon are in your party? What are there nicknames? Did you finish the Delta Chapter?

I'll continue my Pokemon questions after you answer these.
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I guess technically Salvador is the oldest. And you were nearly right. Ludwig was the one who said "Are you willing to lay your life on the roll of  dice?", not Piot. All the others are correct, though! On to Pokemon, I have finished Delta Episode and highly enjoyed it. My party is:

Raphael: Uxie, Lv 67 (Shiny)
Vivi: Swampert, Lv 64
Steiner: Slaking, Lv 63
Kuja: Garchomp, Lv 66 (Shiny)
Quina: Slowbro, Lv 67 (Shiny)
Garnet: Latias, Lv 65
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Ahhh that was my first thought but ended up switching them for some reason. Well I was close!

Ah, Good, good. Interesting. You probably had a much easier time with Deoxys then I did. Did you manage to catch Deoxys? Do you like Zinnia?

I am know out of questions.
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I wanted to catch Deoxys, but Rayquaza got a critical hit and killed it >.<

I wasn't fond of Zinnia at first, but I warmed up to her as the episode progressed. 
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Rayquaza died on the first turn. And in the end Deoxys killed all of Pokemon. I'm using my Master Ball in Alpha Sapphire....

I like her. She's the first ever Pokemon character to care about a Parallel Universe.........That I know of
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I thought I'd be okay if I kept trying to ultra ball Deoxys. I wasn't expecting the critical hit. Got ticked off with Rayquaza after that xD

I want to know more about Aster.
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Oh oh I remember my other question! Which Johto starter did you pick? What about the Unova starter?
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That makes two of us
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