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September 7, 2009
Krakin Cursor XP by *theCasualties You can see a lot of work went into this and he has created a mini work of art.
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Krakin Cursor XP

Made from [link]

Mostly Cinema 4d however Photoshop was used religiously for animation and to perfect as much as possible. Finished this cursor finally, it's for CursorXP/CursorFX. I hope you guys like this one. Let's see if I can daily dev it :]

I did my part now it's time for you to do yours...
If you like it, of course fav it. If you download it you really have to fav it. If you don't like it... still fav.

You may download and use all to yourself, but please link back here if you wish to put this on your site for download. Please do not sell. It's free.

Thanks guys!
Special Thanks to Bad Boy Themer

/////////////////////////////Downloading and Installing
Step 1. Okay, so you were strolling by and saw this incredible cursor and thought to yourself... I have to have that!

Step 2. Figure out which version of Windows you currently are running. If you have a mac check this out.

Step 3. For Vista and Windows 7 this.

For XP download this.

Step 4. Install the program, whether or not it's XP or FX.

Step 5. Download this cursor. Unzip. After you unzip it should read 'Krakin.CurXPTheme' and 'KrakinSmall.CurXPTheme'.
('KrakinSmall' is a about 25% smaller than 'Krakin' )

Step 6. Lastly, double click on one of the files and if you did everything correctly before, your new cursor should be this.

Have fun! :)
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windows 10 no work :(

It's beautiful🧡

RudeBoyEEEE's avatar

Is this compatible with the Steam version, CursorFX? Its animations are moving too fast...

ive double clicked the application but it doesnt show up


you have to manually select it and save it

How do I get rid of this cursor??

dat110011's avatar

The custom cursor doesn't work on my laptop...

There is a newer version that fix bugs and has windows 10 support

dosnt work on windows 10

Doesn't work on laptop 
qwerty123666's avatar
doesn't work on windows 10
DarkBoxeR's avatar
Andromeda-Icarus's avatar
= There's no a way to install this cuz there's no icon for install... =
SnoweWoulf's avatar
That's a sweet-looking cursor! Nice work.
KiloBlox273's avatar
Everybody the CursorFX software does work on windows 8 but not to sure on windows 10, he just forgot to say that because he but these up 6 years ago.
MickeyJester's avatar
Is there any cool mouse cursor like these for windows 8 or 10. I only see design mouse cursor for windows 7 or lower. :l
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