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Hitler without mustache

IMPORTANT NOTE, especially for Hitler admirers:

I don't like him. I don't think he was a great leader, a great politician or a great man. He was weak and ignorant, a madman, a very sad, very wicked person.

So if you're one of those who admire him please think the matter more thoroughly.

I just made a photo-manipulation of him without his mustache.

Eternal shame to his name and deeds.
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TinkerToys123's avatar
It's surprising to see Hitler with out his mustache. 
Hiterfangirl's avatar
New was none of the things you said he was a strong and great leader
CutLarp's avatar
XD wh the hell would like Hitler? I like making fun of the asshole, but don't admire him whatsoever!

Birbtaur's avatar
O god save us all
pilotofmoya's avatar
i didnt like him either, looks less creepy without his mustache. his face scares me.:o (Eek) 
Slenderous's avatar
HOLY SHIT. I could never envision him without the Chaplin-stache. :iconcharliechaplinplz:
ronin6401's avatar
He looks like an emo David Carradine.
Maxtheboss2's avatar
*Jumps out window* I CAN'T LIVE IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE!!!!!!! LOL

Nice job still :D
blackkyurem2's avatar
LadyLidah's avatar
this is unreal
OktoberfestPone's avatar
He looks so.....not.......Hitler...
Boltession's avatar
Se parece a Moe de los tres chiflados
transparent-soul's avatar
The crazy is still there in his eyes.
mdude009's avatar
Hitler without a mustache... That just looks wrong.

Also, what's wrong with admiring Hitler or at least certain aspects of him? Sure I don't agree with the whole genocide thing, but come on. The man restored Germany and turned it into an economic superpower, his party made amazing advances in the fields of technology and medicine, he was a pretty interesting dude.
thecarlosmal's avatar
"What about the GOOD things that Hitler did?" Best T-Shirt ever.
mdude009's avatar
Hitler can't be all that bad, I mean he did kill Hitler after all.
thecarlosmal's avatar
But he also killed the man who killed Hitler. What a bastard.
Porecomesis's avatar
I'm betting Fegelein took it.
Herr-Crouch's avatar
He HONESTLY looks like me..... not this painting i have for my avatar but ""ME! :O

...... Yeah i dont think God likes me very much.... :(
I-Love-Ariana's avatar
he looks like my social studies teacher! (he makes me learn WW2!)
fugigalyland's avatar
Wow! He looks so... well normal, by that I mean like a person who doesn't control a country... you could say it's fascinating :iconawesomefaceplz:
bbenjoe's avatar
"Who the heck is this guy on the photo?"

To be a bit more serious, Hitler was great as politician, but a corporal as a soldier, and a beast as a human. Damn, Germany was on top of things by '39, when he ruined everything, what a fool...
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