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The blank canvas that was it's face began to split open with a wet ripping sound, revealing a mouth full of tombstone teeth. Each one dripping red with the promise of Death. The mouth was twisted into a bloodstained parody of a smile that oozed a palpable sense of maliciousness. Detective Callahan didn't believe in the existence of hell, but he had the feeling that if hell existed, this creature would have come from the very depth of it. The tenth circle. As if it heard his thoughts, the thing started to giggle. A what could have been innocent, pure sound twisted by the fact that it came from such an evil being.Callahan fought off the nausea that threatened to engulf him and fired his pistol at the creature, not stopping until the thing clicked empty. It just stood there with that damned grin on it's face, shrugging off bullet after bullet. Suddenly, the thing let out an unearthly wail. It started to sprint toward him with unnatural speed, leaping over the bodies of it's victims with all the grace of an athlete doing hurdles, as Callahan rushed to pull out his revolver from it's holster. He was not quick enough. Just as soon as he drew the gun it was hit out of his hand by the creature, breaking quite a few bones in the process. Defenseless and vulnerable, Callahan could do nothing as the creature raised a claw to finish him off. Just as he had given up hope of seeing his family ever again, he noticed that a few seconds had past since the creature had caught up to him. A few seconds more than the others had before the life was ripped out of their bodies. He gathered the courage to look up and what he saw made him release the breath he didn't realise he held in. The thing had frozen in mid action as if it's batteries had suddenly died before it could finish it's assault. It was tilting it's head as if listening to a command only it could hear. It suddenly leapt over Callahan and escaped through the window. Callahan was in shock. Did he truly survive this nightmare? As the reality of what just happened began to sink in, Callahan fell to his knee's and wept.
Extract from a story I have been thinking about writing. Any constructive crit would be more than welcome.
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