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The Winter Soldier, 'But I knew him.' (wallpaper)

Cry forever
Oh man Bucky. FEEEEELS.

A few more of my Winter Soldier arts:

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This is beautiful, you have captured his emotions so well. The light and dark contrasts really set the mood.

I m not crying there's a flood going on my eyes

It''s just perfect omg!

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This is so, so beautiful and tragic.

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This is indescribably beautiful.
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I'm stunned.
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This is really tragically beautiful!
Your lights and darks are phenomenal! It shows the emotion so well!!
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Bucky!! :(
But wow ... this looks so life-like! (How does one draw like that???) Great job!
Can I ask what program you use to draw/color (paint, whatever it's called digitally)?
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Aaaah I love this so much!!! Gorgeous work. <3
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Beautiful~~~ You're so good at capturing the subtle but incredibly deep emotion Sebastian Stan brings to the Winter Soldier!
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This is so good. The texture on everything is superb. 
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Oh, that makes me sad. But, what a beautiful piece! Great work!
thecannibalfactory's avatar
Mention the name Bucky and I'm kinda sad. Tragic story! But thank you :D
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Very true. I'm hoping for some resolutions in Civil War :). You're welcome! :)
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You're breaking my heart :'( (in a good way!) I love the way you made the lighting and show some dust scattered in the air btw ^^
thecannibalfactory's avatar
Bucky's breaking mine so it's only fair :) Thank you - I imagine the dusty darkness as being kind of a blurry sort of reality he lives in, his mind is so fuzzy.
Gorgeous.  Just ... ah.
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Can't take credit for Sebastian's Stan's beautiful face unfortunately :D haha
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