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Civil War Missing Scene - Escape to Wakanda

The worst part is, I wanted to make this before the movie even came out because the moment I heard Bucky's arm was missing in the trailer, I was like "omg I hope they end up seeking refuge in Wakanda" and lo! Anyway, since we didn't get any hugs or anything, I gues it's now down to the fanartists to bring the feels. So, missing scene... T'Challa rescues Steve and Bucky in Siberia and flies them to Wakanda.

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This is SO 100% canon. :heart:
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Aww, they finally got their hug. Poor Bucky, he looks scared and shocked. The way Steve is holding Bucky reminds me of how a parent would hold their child to comfort them. I can imagine Steve saying comforting, reassuring things to Bucky, like "it's okay, you're safe now, no one's going to hurt you". 
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Bless you to did this cause it's just perfect 😍😍
awesome, i added it as my desktop bg ^^
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WOWWW This is perfect. Absolutely. Love it. 
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bless you for this. thank you thank you thank you
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I love this soooooooo much! So well done!
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SO PERFECT!!! Thank you for drawing this--I really hope this is what happened, and they had a few days of peace and recovery together in the safety of Wakanda before Bucky [SPOILER]. ;__; Your artwork is so gorgeous too--Bucky's metal arm looks amazing and perfectly, metalically shiny! And all three of their faces are 100% recognizable. Thank you so much for this!
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OMGGGGG NO BUT MY FEELS (Bucky's face is absolutely gorgeous you outdid yourself !!)
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So marvelous and Wonderful!!! I admire your style!!!
Clap Clap Clap 
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I'm glad that T'Challa joined their side at the end. Throughout the movie, he just wanted to kill Bucky but after learning the truth he helped them out. I can't wait to see how his character develops in Black Panther 
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Amazing work, it's like closure from the scenes that weren't in the movie 
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