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Fanart for the amazing, enigmatic Todd In The Shadows, who does critiques of current pop music. He's very, very funny and comments on all parts of the music, as well as giving pertinent background information on the singer(s).

(Also he would say much funnier stuff than I have here... but I tried.)

Song featured: "Like a G6" by Far East Movement

I have no idea what his thoughts on this song actually are. I don't think it's good, but I don't mind it. [hell I listened to it on repeat for the 6 hours it took me to do this]

Check out Todd In The Shadows at the link above or his twitter. He's great!

ETA: Forgot to mention... this is inspired by my synesthesia, which creates movements and colors for music. It's difficult to draw exactly what it looks like; this is my approximation. Whenever Todd talks about certain parts of music I sort of imagine him grabbing them out of the air ^_~


ETA II: Todd posted about this pic in his twitter! The more I look at this (amazing) fanart of me, the more I wonder what the artist thinks of me. My world is bleak, muted, gray. I am bored. I turn on the radio. My world is suddenly filled with bright, vibrant colors. I am shocked and quickly begin criticizing the colors, harshly. Then, I run out of energy and return to my boredom and my bleak, dull room. What does this mean about me?

Aahh! It wasn't my intention to imply... whatever he's getting at there XD Quite the opposite, in fact. To me, the music is garish and invasive, and he's calling it as he sees it... and it ends this way (frustratingly) because it's sad that that's the kind of thing that's on the radio all the time. Erm anyway, thanks for all the comments and favs! :heart: :heart:

Twitter links:
[link] [link] [link] [link]


Son of ETA II: [Krin] recently drew a fanart of me listening to a song called "Like a G6". ...I actually heard that song for the first time today and, as it turns out, the artist nailed my reaction exactly. ...I read where you said the music in your fanart was supposed to be garish. I like your art style too much to see it that way.

Well, hot damn! :heart::heart::heart:

Twitter links:
[link] [link] [link]


*two months later, Nov 2010*

He did a review of this song! Check it out.
He said: I considered taking your jokes, but I decided I'd better come up with my own.

...aaaand shortly thereafter asked me if I wanted to be a title card artist. ^_^


*a couple months after that, early 2011*

ETA V: Todd did a commentary on his review of "Like A G6" (as well as "Whip My Hair"). He mentions this fanart. Go watch!


ETA VI: COOL someone added this to tvtropes as an example of Defictionalization! Thank you, whoever did that!! (I feel special ^__^) Click "Web Original" [link]
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Re: ETA VI: It's been put in the Web Video folder now, if you want to update the description. Or not, it's not terribly hard to find regardless.