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OHW: Never Gonna Give You Up

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Published: April 1, 2013
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Todd In The Shadows reviews "Never Gonna Give You Up!"

Iiiii just wanna tell you how I'm feeeelinnnnn
Never gonna ... somethingsomething

...mmm... dessert...

blip: [link]

tgwtg: coming soon!

Hidden word: Rickroll!

Enjoy! :3

Art (c) Krin

If you're having problems with the video, go here: [link]

Annnnd the fallout! Twitter style:
Krin: Title card for @ShadowTodd's Wonderland review of Never Gonna Give You Up! (link to here)… Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' WHUT! [link]
Todd: @KrinSyn NO NO NO DAMMIT. [link]

:D That's ok! I think this is like the fourth time I've been fired ^_^
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NWolfmanProfessional Filmographer
Im told Todd actually got really mad because of this, apparently because he's sick of people asking him to do a OHW episode of this song.
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Maybe because Rick Astley is like Hanson, in that Rick isn't actually a one hit wonder? I hate to admit it but I remember "Together Forever" and "Cry for Help"; pretty sure those were at least Top 40 if not Top 20.
NWolfman's avatar
NWolfmanProfessional Filmographer
That's exactly why.
JaylaClark's avatar
And although he does do OHW's with two hits, it tends to be by accident. Like ... SPOILER ALERT ... his most recent one.

Falco had a second hit in America. That I was alive at the time and conscious and definitely did not remember, and I THINK we were listening to stations that would play that.
NWolfman's avatar
NWolfmanProfessional Filmographer
He did say that he wants to revamp the segment titles because he gets so many episodes with acts who had more than one hit. Still, I don't think he'll ever do this just because he's so annoyed by how many times he's been asked.

Speaking of his most recent episode, I have NOT been able to get "Der Kommisarr" out of my head all day!
AndytheB-Artist's avatar
I wish he could've done a One Hit Wonderland style retrospective for Rick Astley.  He actually had a lot more hits than that one.
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Inudono19Professional Digital Artist
Y'know what's great about getting links awway from Deviantart, is that it sends you to the 'You are now leaving DeviantArt page for this page' screen. So if you get Rick-Rolled (ahem ahem) you can see it coming.
Vigasartroom's avatar
VigasartroomProfessional Digital Artist
You know, it would be funny if next year he did actually do that episode. :D
PeaceLoveHeavyMetal's avatar
PeaceLoveHeavyMetalHobbyist Photographer
Well Played ^-^
RichelletheDarknessQ's avatar
Hahaha, you got me. Been awhile since I've had a good, legitimate rickroll. Should have seen it coming, but whatever. I've really grown to like this song, so thanks! Great title card btw ^_^
UltimateAdrian20's avatar
Obviously, This wont happen because
1.He had 5 song make it into the top 10 , with two being no 1, So he's not a one hit wonder
2.I really really really love this song. Its so cheesy and ridiculous but so freaking awesome,
3.No hot shilouette girls,AWWW

I still love this title card
DarkAngelofOtaku's avatar
Obviously Todd's April Fools' Joke. Seems to be just as amusing as ERod's and Guru Larry's.
Tuckerscreator's avatar
Hilarious. But you could have had Todd be the waiter at the counter, or the dancing woman with sunglasses.
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BrettSmith1106Hobbyist General Artist
We all knew this day was coming, unless it turns out to be Todd's April Fool's vid which it obviously is
confiscatedretina's avatar
confiscatedretinaProfessional Traditional Artist
Hahaha! Awesome. XD
LiteralNovice's avatar
LiteralNoviceHobbyist General Artist
Also I just saw Todd's reaction on Twitter. He is a beautiful person too.
Mikeyeddy's avatar
This is very amusing.
LiteralNovice's avatar
LiteralNoviceHobbyist General Artist
You are a beautiful person. <3
Undertaker972's avatar
ha most famous prank on the internet, Rickrolling
TheButterfly's avatar
TheButterfly Digital Artist
You mean most BEST prank! :D
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