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BB Chibi Example: Ciel Phantomhive by SpiritAmong-Darkness
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Claude and Alois
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Alois Trancy ~ My New Demon by SpiritAmong-Darkness
The Undertaker by BangMica
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The Servants
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That Butler, careless by Delila2110
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Oc Contest/Raffle: Almost 1 Month LeftI decided to hold the contest after all! Because DeviantART isn't going to get anymore active if we do nothing. But I decided to change a few things to make it more fun and appeal to more fans. I was inspired to turn it into a raffle/contest, and I decided to make it about my general Ocs. It's a bit late for July 1st, but that's ok because 3 is a good numberI am really celebrating that I've been on DeviantART for 6 years, going on 7. I have finally gotten my art to the point that I respect it, and my very first Ocs are now so developed that I'm proud of themThis is the first time I'm attempting this so please be patient with me And good luck to all of youDeadline: September 3rd, 12:01 amHow to Join: [Mandatory]Fav this journal (+1 ticket)Participate in the contest by drawing two entries, one for each challenge (+5 tickets per challenge)Spread the word! Share this in a journal or status (+3 tickets)Comment below listing everything you didExtra Tickets: [Optional]Be a watcher, new watchers are welcome (+1 ticket)Follow me on, Tumblr,, Instagram, or Facebook (tell me your username so I know it's you)(+1 ticket per site) Links: Ask one of my Ocs a question! I will draw out their answer after this is over (+3 tickets)Comment on my art with any Oc in it. Tell me which one here (+3 tickets)Comment on something I wrote. You have to read it, at least the prologue or oneshot. Tell me which you commented on here (+3 tickets)Tell me what you like about one or more of my Ocs (+2 tickets)Contribute a prize (+5 tickets)Share this contest/raffle on another site (+5 tickets)Contest:Instructions: Pick an Oc of mine you want to draw. Tell me which one. I will note you with the details for Challenge #1Challenge #1 - Draw the prompt I give youChallenge #2 - Draw an idea you haveDepending on your entry, your chances of winning will increaseRules:Participants don't have to be DeviantART members but it helps. I'm going to attempt to hold this contest/raffle on most of the other sites I'm onYou must tell me the Oc you want to do beforehand so I can assign you your prompt for Challenge 1. Preferably do not choose my underdeveloped Ocs, but either way, tell me which one you want and I will let you know if you canOnly one entry per challengeAll contest entries must be fully finished, colored, and shadedFor the first challenge you MUST draw the prompt I gave you. It is literally a challenge to see how well you can draw what I picture in my headFor each challenge you MUST draw my Oc in their pairing or with at least one other character. They can be from their family or a friend, or if you feel like drawing them fighting their enemy. You are less likely to win if you draw them by themselves if others draw them in a groupIt doesn't matter your artist skill, it will be judged on time and effort you put into itIf you can't draw, you can write something instead for your entries. Drawing entries can be a one shot, but have to be at least 5 paragraphs longMy Ocs and the canons they are with MUST be in character and accurate to the time period you're drawing them inMature pictures are allowed. I don't mind sexy pics, sex, violence, blood shed, creepy pics, swearing, etc. Some of my Ocs are insane and do kill people, so to draw them appropriately you may have to draw something in that rangeComments on my art or writing must be longer than 4 wordsTelling me what you like about my Oc must be more specific then "They are cool"Be very careful, if you do not follow these rules you can be disqualified. If you forgot something I will remind youWinners are picked by a random number generatorPrizes1st PlaceA half body with 2 characters, simple background, drawn traditionally or digitally by me, and a full body and a pixel from @Livewithoutlying [Upgrade][LOCKED - 7 participants] A half body with 3 characters or 2 characters and a baby/child, simple background, your choice of digitally or traditionally drawn by me, and a full body and a pixel from @Livewithoutlying[Upgrade][LOCKED - 10 participants] A full body group of 3 people, detailed background, your choice of digitally or traditionally drawn by me, and a full body and a pixel from @Livewithoutlying[Upgrade][LOCKED - 15 participants] A full body group of 3 people, detailed background, your choice of digitally or traditionally drawn by me and $15, and a full body and a pixel from @Livewithoutlying2nd Place [LOCKED - 15 participants]One character fullbody with simple background or a chibi couple with a detailed background, your choice of traditionally or digitally draw by me[Upgrade][LOCKED - 20 participants] One character fullbody with a detailed background, or a chibi group of 3 or 4 with a detailed background, your choice of traditionally or digitally draw by me ALL PARTICIPANTSGet a prize of their choice, as long as it's not too complicated or more than what is offered to the 1st and 2nd place winnersParticipantsLivewithoutlying: #1 - #22Scribble2: #23 - #40, Challenge #1 FinishedTickets #41 - #58 need reassigningCrossCountryLover48: #59 - #74MORIKAMI: #75 - #91, Challenge #1 Finished
Erica by Sonheelight by SpiritAmong-Darkness
{BB} Oc Profile - TerenceFirst Thought of/created: November 23rd of 2015Why did you create them?I was browsing the web, looking through Black Butler images when the one of Alois after having been stabbed came up. It had much more of a profound affect on me than before. I felt so terrible for him. It triggered a strong sense of sympathy in me. So I decided to create Terence to be there for himWhat is the origin behind their pairing?He is one of the many Ocs I made specifically for another character, to be there for them, give them love, make their lives better, even be something like their saviorGeneralName: TerenceKanji: テレンスName Meaning: No known meaningNickname(s)/Alias(es): My Handsome ButlerRace/Species: Snake DemonEthnicity: IrishGender: MaleAge: 356 years oldDate of Birth: November 5th, 1531Zodiac Sign: ScorpioPlace of Birth: The Pale, IrelandPersonality Traits: Diligent, hardworking, loyal, somewhat defensive, genuine, mild-mannered, guarded, slightly naiveSexual preference: HomosexualQuote: N/A [undetermined]Theme Song(s): (Couple) Hush Hush by Asher MonroeAppearanceSkin Tone: PorcelainHair Color: Poppy RedHairstyle: Long and a bit messy, pulled back into a low ponytail, length going just past his shoulder bladesEye Color: Onyx black (human/ alternate), fuchsia pink (demonic)Height: 5 ft 9 1/2 inNotable Features: A scar on his manhood from getting hit by his father with a beltWardrobe: A servant's uniform with a tan vest assented in black over a white button shirt, a long black bowtie around the neck, black dress pants and shoesRelationshipsReputation: Rarely spoken of. Keeps a low profile, not having a reputation aside from being raised by Vernon. As a human he was thought of as no more than an average boy, if not pitied for trying so hard and how his father treated him.Father: ErskineMother: CaoimheSibling(s): NoneOther Relatives: NonePets: a Calico cat when he was youngCurrent Relationship status: In a complicated relationshipPast loves/crushes: His friend and first love WarrenPartner/Love Interest: Alois TrancyChildren: His son NathanielLeader/Superiors/Master: Alois (master)Subordinates/Servants: NoneTeam mate(s)/Companion(s): Vernon and Sebastian, sometimes has to work with Claude, Hannah, and the tripletsFriends/Associates/Allies: Vernon, Sebastian, and companyEnemies/Rivals: His Father, Claude, MadokaRace DetailsDemon -Date of Death: August 14th, 1547Cause of Death: Soul taken by Vernon once the contract was completeWho/What caused them to be turned? Earlier there was an incident where he was injured by Claude. It damaged his brain and left him unresponsive. To heal that part of him, Vernon used his own blood to treat the wound. Somehow, from demonic blood being in his system, he survived even after his soul was takenClass/Rank: No official rankAlternate Form: He can partially transform into a naga, half man, half snake, that seems to crawl out of the very darknessPower/Abilities: Can shed a part of himself if wounded (said to be a variation of Vernon's regeneration ability), and can use Blood MagicStrengths: Very agile in maneuverability, a strong snake-like body in his true form that is hard to pierce, if his blood is shed from his body, it can turn to acid in an attempt to harm the attackerWeaknesses: Typical demon weaknesses, can't regenerate the torso of his body as well, losing a lot of blood is more deadly to him, he can't replace a body part repeatedly only a few timesWeapon of Choice: On occasion, a two pronged meat forkLiving Conditions: Has his own room at Trancy Manor, fairly provided for and given everything he needsType of Mark/Symbol: Uses a celtic style Faustian contract, orange in colorHave they marked anyone? When it is made official and Terence takes the place of head butler, he marks Alois with his symbol on the front of his pelvic area by his left hip{Former} Human -Class in Society: Commoner, poor middle classHouse/Family: Had no surnameLiving conditions: Provided well for by his demon companions, staying in a cottage in the outer part of the villageOccupation: helped with Vernon and Sebastian's cover as merchants with trading goods, then started working at the tavern[Optional] Family Crest: None{Present} Posing as Human - Class in Society: Playing the role as servantWhat are they posing as? One of Alois's staffWhy? Out of curiosity about Alois's soul, and to keep an eye on him to make sure Claude isn't treating him poorlyOccupation: Originally the second butler, promoted to the head butlerPersonalGoals/Motivation: To find something to do with himself, to be a good demon like VernonWants: For Alois to be happy, to prevent Claude's oversight in his grudge from claiming more innocentsFears: That Claude will get his master to turn on him, that Claude will turn on Alois, that Claude succeeds in taking his revengeFavorite Food: Calm souls, souls of menFavorite Drink: NoneHobby: Giving his master attention when he wants it, spending time with himLikes:BlondesAlois's playfulnessDislikes:Claude taking advantage of or using his masterClaude neglecting his responsibility to his masterHaving to associate with the spider demon and live in the same house as himBackground:Terence was an Irish boy who, as it would turn out, wasn't so ordinary. He grew up without a mother and with an abusive father who would beat him almost on a regular basis, especially if he showed signs that he was gay. Terence barely remembers his mother, and his father Erskine filled his head with lies that she didn't love him. She died when he was very young. Erskine hated having a son and thought he was taking all his wife's attention. He tried to kill Terence then, but his wife shielded him with her body and he shot her instead. The only thing good in Terence's life was his best friend Warren. He didn't realize he loved him until after the night his father killed him too, because he thought they were getting too close. After witnessing it, distraught, Terence fled. In a hysterical sobbing fit, eventually his legs gave out and he collapsed. Still clinging to the corpse when Sebastian and Vernon found him. They both offered him a deal. He could choose who he wanted as his companion and protector. He chose Vernon. Binding the demon to him, in turn Vernon would make sure his father suffered and messed with his head in a way so that he didn't know it was them. Sebastian stayed to keep his friend company and occasionally helped. Finding a new place to stay, Vernon saw to his care and practically raised him since he was a preteen. Sebastian thought Vernon was babying him, and Terence could tell when they were a bit cold to him. At one point he ran away and bumped into Claude, who tried to steal him away. It didn't work, and in the struggle the boy was badly injured. His head wound made him unresponsive. The only way Vernon could heal it was by putting a few drops of his own blood in the wound. Feeling so guilty over it, his demon started to treat him better. The longer he was with them, Terence grew more confident and dark. Mocking his father even further by proving he was capable. Selling goods as part of Sebastian and Vernon's farce as traveling merchants, to working at the tavern where his father often went to drink. His father died as a result of an accident from his own paranoia after years of being tormented by the demons, and the contract was complete. But when he took Terence's soul, because of Vernon's blood within him, he survived and was turned into a demon. Vernon taught him about how to be one of them, and he later left to make it on his own. Terence was discovered later by Alois when he came into the city and spotted him working at a warehouse. Fed up with his other servants incompetence, the blonde was rather impressed with his work ethic and offered him a job, not knowing the full story. Intrigued by the odd sensation he got from his soul and to be sure Claude was treating him alright after their past together, Terence agreed. Becoming his second butler, he picks up the slack from the other servants, but more often then not giving Alois attention when he wants it
Violet by BangMica
Sebastian x Ciel
Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis by chunkywarrior
Kuroshitsuji - Lacrimosa by Rurounichan
Shotatsuji by Suzumeny-chan
Call Demon by Marmaladica
I Can't Be Too Tempted by SpiritAmong-Darkness
A Chance We Never Got by SpiritAmong-Darkness
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Black Butler Oc Profile - BlankFirst Thought of/created: Why did you create them? What is the origin behind their pairing?GeneralName: Kanji:Name Meaning:Nickname(s)/Alias(es):Race/Species: Ethnicity:Gender:Age:Date of Birth:Zodiac Sign:Place of Birth:Personality Traits:Sexual preference:Quote:Theme Song(s):AppearanceSkin Tone:Hair Color:Hairstyle:Eye Color:Height:Notable Features:Wardrobe:Accessories: RelationshipsReputation:Guardian(s):Father:Mother:Sibling(s):Other Relatives:Pets:Current Relationship status:Past loves/crushes:Partner/Love Interest:Children:Leader/Superiors/Master:Subordinates/Servants:Team mate(s)/Companion(s):Friends/Associates/Allies: Enemies/Rivals:Race DetailsDemon -Date of Death:Cause of Death:Who/What caused them to be turned?Class/Rank:Alternate Form:Power/Abilities:Strengths:Weaknesses:Weapon of Choice:Living Conditions:Type of Mark/Symbol:Have they marked anyone? Is so, where is their mark located?Reaper - Date of Death:Method of Suicide:Branch:Division:Rank:Strengths:Weaknesses:Reaper Scythe:Fallen Angel/Angel -Date of Death:Cause of Death:Type of Angel:Special weapon or power(s):Strengths:Weaknesses:[Optional] Human disguise:Hybrids -Most Dominate Gene:Least Dominant Gene:Choice of Lifestyle:Strengths:Weaknesses:Supernatural Beings (Witch/Vampire/Doll/etc) -How did they come to be? How did they become that?Class/Rank:Special weapon or power(s):Origin of Powers:Strengths:Weaknesses:[Optional] Human appearance/disguise:Living Conditions:Human -Class in Society:House/Family:Living conditions:Occupation:[Optional] Family Crest:Skills/Talents:Strengths:Weaknesses:Posing as Human - Class in Society: What are they posing as? Why? Occupation: Living Condition: (Optional, for any category) Have they been claimed by a supernatural being?Have they been marked? With what mark? PersonalGoals/Motivation:Wants:Fears:Favorite Food:Favorite Drink:Hobby:Likes:-----Dislikes:-----Background:
Sneak Peek: The Aftermath (Raelinn x Adrian Scene)In an abandoned apartment, hidden somewhere deep in what was considered the slums of London, also known to the authorities as the ‘Underworld’, the two attackers from the other night were resting, waiting. After making their escape, but just barely, the two concealed themselves amongst the humans, to lay low and conserve their strength.Lying on the bed in one of the rooms was the wounded male demon, who they had learned his name to be Adrian. His injuries had nearly healed except for his arms, which were still in splints. Whereas his race did heal faster than any human, and a broken bone should have been no problem, Sebastian actually had shattered the bone in several places. If he were mortal, they would have been beyond repair, and he would have lost both his arms. Their encounter proved close to fatal. Never before had they seen the butler react so murderously. Having underestimated the extent of his abilities, it came as a surprise, not planning for his ruthlessness.Lying there, resting his eyes, he was cursed with the inability to sleep. At times like this, he wished he could. Demons were capable of sleep but often than not, didn’t. It became more of a recreational activity than anything.Empty whiskey bottles littered the floor by the bed. His treasured guns set on the weathered looking bedside table next to him. Likely the reason why his arms were what sustained the most damage, so he could not wield them. Soon came a noise of his partner, the female demon known as Raelinn, entering the room. Hearing it Adrian opened his eyes, a light blush across his face, a sign that he was drunk.“How are we feeling today?” The woman asked playfully as she approached the bed. His eyes followed her.“..Numb...” the man replied simply. A slight frown on his features, his expression remained unreadable.“Now whose fault is that?” she said, pointing to the empty bottles. Though she had helped him drink it since he could hardly move his arms.He had been using it to dull the pain. Though demons had a higher tolerance for alcohol, it took several bottles of the strongest kind before there would even show a hint of intoxication. It all depended on the demon.Lifting his arm, she gently ran her fingers along the bone to see how his healing progressed. Still feeling several fragments out of place, she scowled, letting go. “Tsk... damn noble has become more trouble than she’s worth with those two lap dogs guarding her...” referring to how Sabrina was protected by both Sebastian and Vernon. “I should have killed her when we had the chance...” angered by the thought of failing to do so yet again.The man was silent, listening to his partner rant; his mind a little spacey.“They even broke my favorite toy..” She continued, referring to him as a play thing. She then turned to him and smirked. “Are you listening?” Sitting down beside him, she leaned down, stealing a kiss. Almost on reflex, the man responded by kissing her back. He reeked of alcohol, but she didn’t seem to care.Pulling away, she grinned, seeming to have liked the way he kissed her, despite his condition. “I’ll have to remember that for later...” she stated teasingly, pulling on his belt but not undoing it, making a point.“…Hmph…. we’ll make that butler pay... I’ll see to that.” Raelinn was rather confident.“…..How ..d’you plan to-do that?” Adrian asked, his voice slurred ever so slightly, making his American accent stand out more.“You’ll see,” the woman said with a devilish look, a hint at her ill intent. She had a plan.
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Simply One Hell of a Butler...

:blackrose: Welcome to TheButlers! we are a fangroup for the anime/manga series Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).

As servants of the Phantomhive and Trancy households we like to keep things as neat as possible, so we have a few rules we'd like our guests to follow. If you would, please:

The Rules of the House

:bulletblack: Membership is automatically approved and open to everyone, but all submissions must be approved before they appear in the gallery.

:bulletblack: No wank or otherwise disrespecting other members.

:bulletblack: Please submit to the proper gallery. What should go in which gallery will be listed below.

:bulletblack: Crossover fic/art is welcome.

:bulletblack: If you want to affiliate, just send a request. I'll affiliate with an any Kuroshitsuji group, as well as any general manga/anime fanclub.

:bulletblack: We're looking for ART here. This includes fanfic, fanart, cosplay, crafts, etc. Customization content like wallpapers, vectors and stamps are fine too. Unaltered scans of the manga and anime screenshots are not what we're looking for. I will decline them. Okay?

:bulletblack: Please note MacabreVampire if you have any concerns. Don't worry, she's a competent maid. Sort of ;)

Submission Guidelines

:bulletblack:The Featured gallery is closed to submissions. This folder is reserved to display exceptional artwork, as well as display winners from any contests we might have.

:bulletblack: The Groups folder is for artwork featuring an entire group (three or more) of characters.

:bulletblack: The Couples folder is for artwork featuring a couple (two) characters, either romantically or platonic. However, there are some other folders that are reserved for specific pairs. Please take note of this.

:bulletblack: The Comics and Doujinshi folder is for single-page paneled comics as well as multiple-page ongoing doujinshi. Memes can also be submitted to this folder.

:bulletblack: Fanfiction has it's own separate gallery.

:bulletblack: There are folders for specific characters and pairings. Ciel and Sebastian each have their own folder, but Ciel and Sebastian pairing artwork should go in the Couples folder. Please use your best judgment when submitting to the gallery, or you can ask the Mod where things should go.

:bulletblack: OC's go to "Other Characters" Folder
Hello everyone!
I am Katsu and I am the new Contributer to the group, so submissions will be accepted again! So send them in and help rekindle the life back into this group! :D

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