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Distortion by TheBuggiest Distortion :iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 2 0 some nerds by TheBuggiest some nerds :iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 3 7
Loose earth crumbles under every step taken
Sand sifts away leaving bare bones to see the sunlight
Grinning up at the light with deceptive bleached surfaces
Inside it's not all gone yet
Inside it still knows what happened
Inside its brain still festers with old thoughts
Maybe it's better to sink slowly than step
Then at least the insides aren't disturbed, nobody has to see
And judge, and these wounds of the living can stay hidden
Instead of being ripped back open
Instead of letting sand grind into the raw flesh
Instead of every weakness glowing like a light in the eyeless gaze
This body isn't strong enough to work against that old enemy Gravity
And this tongue would do better to lie still and silent
Instead of stirring that deceptively still ground
Ruining the foundation that didn't exist
Ruining the bonds we thought held strong
Ruining any assurance I had that maybe
I could do this
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 1 0
Lost in Paradise: Part 1, Entry 1
How did I convince myself that recording my feelings on paper wasn’t an idiotic idea? Besides the risk, pouring my soul out to a fictional ‘dear diary’ seems such a childish indulgence, especially for an Authority like myself. That's what it comes down to after all, doesn't it? The higher the caste, the greater the responsibility, the higher the standards to which one must hold one's self.
That's what they would have us believe anyways, because of course it's not automatically better to be in power. Naturally we get nicer accommodations and credit allowances because of the terrible weight we bear, having to tell other people what to do.
Goodness. I didn't realize how angry I was.
It wouldn't be so galling if the doctors here would drop their condescending mannerisms. I scored in the 99th percentile for caste placement not just in my Communal Care Center or even Sector 174 but out of every child in Paradise, and according to the testing committees my competenc
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 0 6
I was angry before. 
It mounted in me as the foundations were shaken 
The benthic depths of being 
Lurched at the fault-line 
Raw red-hot reaction bubbled forth 
No longer small enough to be quenched by the cool tides of rationalization 
Casting the cardinal glow suppressed for too long 
On ugly toothy faces of truth wriggling and grinning at me 
Truth in a situation masked by your words 
YOUR words. 
Because YOUR words were what mattered 
YOUR feelings had to be catered to 
YOU and YOUR expectations 
YOUR standards 
Of what I needed to be. 
My plates didn't like being jabbed at just so 
You and your fracking words jarred tectonics into motion 
A rumble beneath my benthic being, and the cool mind followed 
Heated by the reactionary magmatic impulse 
It surged forward precisely as physics would have it 
Following the variables and equations, you could have predicted it 
Potential bec
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 0 2
There flows a bitter spring in depths below, unplumbed
When everything goes still you can hear it roiling
Boiling, pounding against its confines like a drum
Clawing for the surface and snarling for release
Pressure building fueling struggle, lighting fuses
But it loses sway near surface to shallow peace
Sunbeams reach through branches, try to touch the shadow
Softening grey stones with hues both warm and golden
Still cold and alone, they look a bit less sad though
Come birds, sing your songs louder! Dogs, why don't you bark?
And we'll talk with voices raised against the stillness
This illness in the ground, rumbling beneath the park
There's no reason to fear it if we can't hear it.
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 0 0
An attempt at empathy.
Hello friend! Down here. It's just me, the armadillo again.
I know things have been tough. Not through experience obviously, I mean I have a shell.
Rocks and stuff just bounce right off. It's pretty great when I'm digging. You wouldn't believe how deep a hole I dug for myself yesterday, didn't worry about cave-ins at all- but I'm not here to talk about me. Sorry.
Y'see, I kind of noticed you don't have a shell.
And that makes our perspectives pretty... disparate? Yeah. Disparate, that's the right word.
Also I can dig a lot better than you. That's two things.
Now I'm not- I'm saying this all wrong.
I mean like. There was a rock slide, right?
But it didn't hit me very hard. I dug away from it, a nice little escape, and when I came out the rest of the rocks just bounced off. Because of my shell, you know.
They didn't bounce off you so easy.
So here's the deal. I'm gonna lie down on my back. There's no shell on my belly, see?
And you just belt me in the gut as hard as you can.
Because I'm
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 1 5
Mr. Crow by TheBuggiest Mr. Crow :iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 6 5
Lessons in Humanity
Sometimes I wonder, when I'm up a little too late
After working for eight hours then wasting the rest
When the dark settles in with its muffled sigh
Like the last black grains sliding into the bottom part of the glass
When night gnaws with rodent teeth at the back of my mind
Hissing the list I buried under fluttering butterfly thoughts
When everyone is gone and I am finally alone
Is there something I missed?
Sometimes I wonder, when I step across the border
Victorious and dragging the vanquished in my wake
When it's blowing all my seams just trying to keep coherent
Because it's a hidden sort of significance, though perhaps I can explain
When the words inevitably fail as I look back to the conquest
Elated turns to frustrated turns to deflated
When that joyous pressure lifts and I'm empty and alone
Is there something I missed?
Sometimes I wonder, when I'm out with friends
After a long, productive week of completed tasks and checked boxes
When everyone is laughing and my face bends to sui
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 1 2
Each word is a stone
that I rolled up the hill
just for it to roll back on
Each word is a gap
in the wall of silence
for flaming arrows to come
Each word is a trap
set up in front of me
so I can step in it and
I wish it didn't
feel like that all the time;
would losing my tongue be so
leave me a pen and we'll see
if I can be stronger;
I wish I didn't
each time I open my mouth
knowing I'll soon regret
trying to talk things
as misinterpretations
suck at my ankles; a
bog prepared just for
Because maybe no one else
will notice when I trip,
but what if they do?
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 12 4
[DeApp: SH] Unlucky by TheBuggiest [DeApp: SH] Unlucky :iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 4 14 [DeApp: SH] Rats by TheBuggiest [DeApp: SH] Rats :iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 4 10 [DeApp: SH] Death to Death (collab) by TheBuggiest [DeApp: SH] Death to Death (collab) :iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 5 7
DeApp: No Regrets 1
Harriet knew what was coming before she'd looked up. Soft footsteps just barely discernable scuffed closer. A long shadow disrupted the moonlight playing across the tile floor, and the person that had sought her out in her solitude stopped.
"Hey you."
She looked up. There stood Kay just like they had in life, colorful clothes providing a pleasant contrast to their dark skin. That was what the two of them were, a play in contrasts. One warm, open, kind, sociable, and then there was her.
Her shoulders relaxed a little. "Hey you."
Kay smiled as they leaned against the same wall as Harriet. It was quiet, and the moon could be seen floating over the chrysanthemums through the arches set into the wall. For a second Harriet had the absurd impression of an enormous silver-faced child peering into a dollhouse at the play-acted drama within. They stayed like that for a while.
"You adjusting okay?"
"More or less." The corner of Harriet's mouth twitched. "I didn't expect to wake up after that firs
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 2 2
DA BwT: Freedom
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Another lamp post. Another concrete wall covered in graffiti. Another pile of garbage bags. It was starting to all run together: one monochrome blur, robbed of life and color by sheer repetition.
Thump. Thump.
Harriet's footsteps slowed as she reached a bridge over a sluggish river. Its detrius-choked waters still managed to reflect the sliver of moon in the sky. It wasn't anything like seeing the moon of Death's plane though. It was small and remote. Mundane.
She leaned over the bridge's railing to stare down at the dull sparkles the city lights sent bouncing off of its swirling surface. It was weird, not being part of it anymore. Like she was looking at a picture of a place she'd never been. Like she wasn't actually experiencing anything but the thoughts swimming through her own head.
To put it bluntly, it sucked.
Harriet tucked her hair behind her ear absently. This sort of thing used to be what made life fun, running around the city after it was dark and her pa
:iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 7 7
DA: Harriet Playlist (and a picture) by TheBuggiest DA: Harriet Playlist (and a picture) :iconthebuggiest:TheBuggiest 6 8


mission begins in five by makani mission begins in five :iconmakani:makani 3,254 526 Gravehill Ch 1 Pg 21 by SeventhTower Gravehill Ch 1 Pg 21 :iconseventhtower:SeventhTower 190 11 grims by moonsprig grims :iconmoonsprig:moonsprig 22 13 Sketches TF2 by KRedous Sketches TF2 :iconkredous:KRedous 285 12 Tres Hogwarts Boys (feat. Ango) by ktshy Tres Hogwarts Boys (feat. Ango) :iconktshy:ktshy 588 17 Third Try's The Charm by shoomlah Third Try's The Charm :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,308 41 The Adventure Zone by FerioWind The Adventure Zone :iconferiowind:FerioWind 644 27 OFF by Nadiezda OFF :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,940 53 DeApp: [Exhaustion] by KitsPokePeople DeApp: [Exhaustion] :iconkitspokepeople:KitsPokePeople 20 11 Toilettapir by Tirrih Toilettapir :icontirrih:Tirrih 3 6 DeAPP: rp thing???? idk what 2 title it by Unknown-Variable DeAPP: rp thing???? idk what 2 title it :iconunknown-variable:Unknown-Variable 7 10 [DeAPP]: A Kitten or Three by TMKaleidoscope [DeAPP]: A Kitten or Three :icontmkaleidoscope:TMKaleidoscope 12 12 DA | Years gone by by nebularum DA | Years gone by :iconnebularum:nebularum 90 12
Lol19 - Natalya
sieglindes - Jude
xPawhaha - Eric
theabtruseanon - Jacus
devilgoose - Lang
Kwon-Ji - Chase
Bubblekitty - Ember Rayne
IsisReditum - Tullio
Rainemi - Carlotte
TheBuggiest - Harriet Huxley
Entering the cafe Natalya took a look around, then headed over to an empty table. She was wearing her full dress uniform, as
:iconlol19:lol19 5 1
DeApp: Git Gud by Kwon-Ji DeApp: Git Gud :iconkwon-ji:Kwon-Ji 12 9 For the Hunters, From Anonymous by DA-Bot For the Hunters, From Anonymous :iconda-bot:DA-Bot 16 11



Hey hey been dead in here sorry bout that

I've got a new story posted on Wattpad if anyone wants to read it. It's called The Liminal and I'm going to try to update it at least once a month. Possibly more frequently. It depends.

Read it here!


Lisa Gaunt does not believe in the supernatural. Her understanding of the world around her is based on observed phenomena, not what she might want to believe, so when her best friend drafts her into a cryptid hunting club, it's all she can do to show up to the first meeting.

She doesn't find any cryptids on that first foray into the woods, but she does find something that doesn't make sense. And the further she follows that thread in search of answers, the more it undercuts her disciplined view of reality.

What is the Liminal? What are the other members of Cryptid Club hiding? What are the things she sees in the shadowed corners of abandoned thoroughfares? And why is a broken watch steadily counting down the time regardless of what she does to it?

Lisa has a feeling that she'll get her answers one way or another once it hits zero.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
You can call me Buggy. I'm primarily a writer, but I have a degree in biology and also enjoy drawing, origami, and stuff.



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