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Hello and a warm welcome to everyone out there!

This is the official group of "The Buffies". Here you will find (almost) all Members, a lot of great artists and their artwork also the official Stories and newest activities.

So enjoy your time here and if you want to see even more visit our official website:

Big greetings from your Buffies

:iconmegster02: :iconsynthya: :iconjewelc777: :iconwomanwonder09:

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Cass Martin Bicep Gif by femcepsfan
commission - Bunny Akko by Siegfried129
Angela by Siegfried129
Vlada Biceps Kiss by femcepsfan
Buffie Stories
Buffie Profiles
Amanda by Megster02
Belle by Megster02
Diana by Megster02
Jewel by Megster02
Cele's Buffie Artwork

Mature Content

Meg, Diana, and Jewel in gym by cele7110

Mature Content

Diana and Jewel--Before by cele7110

Mature Content

A Storm is Coming... by cele7110

Mature Content

Diana Before and After by cele7110
Synthya's Buffie Artwork
First day in a new life by Synthya
Bellewatch by Synthya
Belle at the office by Synthya
Fitness Diana by Synthya
Meg's Buffie Artwork
The Buffies in Captivity by Megster02
The Buffies Logo by Megster02
Meg After FMG 2 by wardrider99
Meg After FMG 3 by wardrider99
Meg After FMG by wardrider99
Meg After FMG WIP by wardrider99
Buffies After by Megster02
Buffies Before by Megster02
Buffie Diana by feenix501
Buffie Belle by Megster02
Area Orion
Buffies 1 by Megster02
Buffies 2 by Megster02
Buffies 3 by Megster02
Buffies 4 by Megster02
Meg A Flex I by Paddy86
Super Mega Meg by Paddy86
Diana the Mighty by Paddy86
Mac's Poker by Paddy86
Amanda pre-FMG by daikichikitsune
Megan Marvel by Megster02
Four women from around the globe mysteriously vanish and are held captive in a dungeon by an evil scientist. They manage to escape with the help of a few friends and a secret device that transforms them into musclebound super women.

Join Meg, Diana, Amanda, Jewel, Belle and friends as they start a fresh life together and hopefully learn to use their new strength & abilities for a greater good.
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