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F:E, Hoofsong, Chapter 1 :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 7
Mature content
Fallout: Equestria - Hoofsong :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 5 13
Mature content
After the Fall of Rome, Part 3 :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 22
Meet Bunny
Meet Burgundy "Bunny" Elm
Snapshot: Audiophile, very relaxed, aspiring cardiovascular surgeon, med-school graduate, dirty mouth, enjoys conversation, discarded maintenance robot
Height: about average ~180cm (~5'10)
Weight: very light, above average for Moscow
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Combat Style: Neutrality, threats
Weapons: Words, other people
Armor: Cross-n-Crescent Jacket, knee-pads, C-n-C construction helmet, outdoor work gloves, sneakers
Baggage: messenger bag carrying med supplies, gym bag carrying other eqipment
Medical: Surgical tools (folded carbon-steel scalpels, steel forceps, tweezers, scissors, etc), bandages, surgical gloves, duct tape, super glue, antiseptic gel, numbing gel, painkillers, nano-injections, splints, cloth, cold packs, warm packs, ultrasound wand (image and therapy settings).
Defense: Hospital security revolver (four (4) rounds, unskilled)
Water: two (2) or three (3) 500mL bottles (varies with schedule)
Light: pen light (red), emergency torch (
:iconthebsdude:theBSDude 3 7
Robot Diagram 1 Nana and Kuroi by theBSDude
Mature content
Robot Diagram 1 Nana and Kuroi :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 24
After the Fall of Rome, Part 2
Jaq's stomach growled. "Shut up, shut up," she muttered, "I know I'm hungry." She picked up a once-white sports bra off the ground, sniffed it, wrinkled her nose, and put it on anyway. She looked down at the panties she wore; they were stretched out and holes were developing along the elastic. "Hey Nana," she glanced at the robbie, already dressed and arming herself, "These the best pair I have?"
Nana looked, then nodded, her expression apologetic.
Jaq turned back to the tedious task of finding wearable clothing. "God dammit I need some clothes." She dug two pairs of mostly intact jeans from a pile in the corner, and compared them for a few seconds, before discovering one had a hole in the middle of the seat. She strapped on plastic shin guards-- for soccer or cricket she wasn't sure--, and pulled the pants on over them. She picked up a breastplate made of thin, strong plastic-- for paintball or something, she'd replaced the rough straps and padded the inside to fit snugly against her
:iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 15
Mary-Sue Meme, Lily by theBSDude Mary-Sue Meme, Lily :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 13 Handwritten Thanks for 4000 by theBSDude Handwritten Thanks for 4000 :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 1 9
After the Fall of Rome, Part 1
(Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!)
The alarm clock in Nana's head was chiming.
She opened her eyes.
(Good girl! Goodgirlgoodgirl!) Nana imagined tiny fingers pressing the reward section of her brain. If she focused, she could almost feel them....
She sat up, rubbed her eyes. The window shade across the room from the carbon-glass barrier was reddening with fading sunset.
Little Jaqqy slept nearby, a curled ball under fluffy sheets, in the pink, once-fluffy bed meant for the little girl she'd been almost a decade ago. Her short, grease-spiked, and permanently blood-stained hair had dyed the center of the pillow a disgusting green-brown.
The pillow case needed a wash. So did the sheets. And of course Jaq herself-- no point washing the fabric if the girl was still grimy and bloodied.
(Wake the House! Wake the House!) The clock in Nana's head chimed again.
She pulled on a blue-and-white vertical-striped blouse and a pair of navy blue pants; Nana supposed she could go one mo
:iconthebsdude:theBSDude 3 21
The First Hyes
Hyes, Hyes, Hyes, Hyes
Show me you moves, O Internet!
The First Hyes, the Falcon did say
Was to certain poor Smashers while in basements they play
In basements playing "en-sixty-four"
Saw a screen warning of a new challengor.
Hyes, Hyes, Hyes, Hyes
Show me you moves, O Internet!
They looked up and saw a Paawnch!
Obscene in it's power all enemies launch
And to gamers it gave great Lolz
And spread they it winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Hyes, Hyes, Hyes, Hyes
Show me you moves, O Internet!
:iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 9
Happy Birthday by theBSDude Happy Birthday :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 4 25
Mature content
After the Fall of Rome: 5 old :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 1 34
Text Ref: Brook
Name: Brook aka “Brooklyn,” “Brea,” etc; no surname (born in slavery), uses “Dale,” “Davies,” “Dover,” etc)
Current Alias: Brooklyn Dale
Gender: Female
Age: 1969, usually ~25 physically
Ethnicity: Goth
Nationality: American
Mental Issues: multiple unconfirmed, including, but not limited to sociopathy, mild nymphomania, pyrophobia
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: varies, average 170cm (~5'7")
Weight: varies, average 60kg (~130 lbs)
Build: varies, usually
Distinguishing Marks:
Sexuality: pan, favoring women and pretty men
Mental Orientation: Extrovert
Weapon of Choice: none (self), automatic weapons
Weaknesses: Fire, Fear of Fire, Stunned Energy/electricity/magic in high enough quantities, Needs to stay hydrated, vulnerabilities worse in Ghoul form
History: born into slavery in a Viking village, burned as a funeral sacrifice at age 16. Her skull was stolen by a witch, who made it the indestructible holder of Brook’s soul, t
:iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 15
Text Ref: Jaqulyn
Name: Jaqulyn Emile Rommel
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Indian/German
Nationality: Russian, native
Mental Issues: none to speak of
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 163cm (~5'4")
Weight: 52kg (~115lbs)
Build: short, extremely athletic, think gymnast
Distinguishing Marks: slightly crooked nose
Sexuality: bi, favoring tall partners
Mental Orientation: Introvert, socially skilled but habitually withdrawn
Weapon of Choice: Pistol (eight rounds/clip), shotgun (six rounds/simultaneous), and Spetsnaz scout knife
History: Even before the death of her parents, Jaq was raised mostly by Nana, via parenting books and educational videos. Since Nana’s programming was intended to make her the perfect care-giver, Jaq’s upbringing was almost the scientific ideal; she could read in three languages (Russian, German, and English) by her seventh birthday, learned Hindi six months later, and wrote her first classical composition at age eight. Unfortunately, the bombs fell on Moscow b
:iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 8
Text Ref: Deadeye
Name: Lily/Denny McMinn, aka Deadeye
Gender: Female, identity issues, chemically sterile
Age: 25 (physical), 34 (chronological), 12-13 (sexual)
Ethnicity: Cantonese/Scottish
Nationality: Japanese, raised from age eight
Eye Color: Brown-gold hazel
Hair Color: black. Often bleached or dyed (usu. red, blue, or green)
Height: 185cm (~6')
Weight: 70kg (~155lbs)
Build: Tall, muscular, under-developed (undersized breast, slender hips; breast size increasing due to hormone treatments)
Distinguishing marks: three scars, over her right eye, on her left forearm, and across her torso from left hip to right shoulder
Mental Issues: multiple, see History and Personality
Mental Orientation: unclear due to brain damage, likely Introvert
Sexuality: hetero, apparently homo while posing as Denny
Personality: Due to severe frontal-lobe damage, Deadeye has very little impulse control, especially when startled or suddenly angered; she is prone to outbursts of violence, rude (often sexual) comments, and heavy
:iconthebsdude:theBSDude 0 11
Mature content
After the Fall of Rome: 4 old :iconthebsdude:theBSDude 1 8

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aka Thebes
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
The above is merely an artistic representation. I'm much less pixelated in real life.

And my hair is longer.

Current Residence: Washington (state)
Favourite genre of music: Indy Rock or Metal-Core
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Twilight Sparkle
Personal Quote: ...huh?
Yeah, it's been 16 months now, and my work on Fall of Rome is getting more and more idle. I still keep up on character work, but my seeming inability to write plot, especially for AtFoR since the circumstances as so far beyond the characters' control, has killed pretty much any chance of me making a novel of it. Over the next year or two, I intend to get out a few draubles, maybe a fanfic or two, you know, get back into practice, while putting together an outline of AtFoR's sister project Eyes and Arms. I don't think I've talked about E&A here, and I'm certain I've never used the name; it's what Ms. "Deadeye" McMinn is from.

In brighter news, I have been working on literature, just not as an author. A few weeks shy of a year ago (10/29, according to Google Docs), I became the editor of Fallout Equestria: Heroes…, an FiM/Fallout fanfic that has had just over 12k unique views on its primary hosting site. I'm quite proud of my work, and of the fact that I have less to fix in each subsequent chapter.

Anyway, now you guys know what I've been up to. For all my inactivity on this site, I still check my messages once or twice a week, so if anybody wants to get in touch with me, you can just comment on this entry, or email me directly at 'my deviant name'
  • Listening to: Walt Ribeiro
  • Reading: FiM and Zero No Fanfiction, simultaneously.
  • Watching: Sons of Guns
  • Playing: Borderlands 2
  • Eating: Kirkland Peanut Butter Cups
  • Drinking: Apple Juice


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