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You want to know what this is?  Plain and simple: It's a Poll.

The previous poll was "Which Brotherhood Member has the Worst Costume" and (going from least to most votes) here are the results:

In last place was Pietro followed by Wanda in fifth...the twins have style according to BHC members.  Then Mystique in fourth and Lance in third.  Nipping at the heels of our first place winner was Mr. Todd Tolensky.  This was a great shock considering the kid has an MIB chair strapped to his back...

That means our first place winner was...drum roll...process of elimination...FREDDY!  With only two votes more than Toad!   I guess that whole vest/wife beater combo just doesn't suit him as well as he thought.  Please enjoy this testimonial picture of Freddy's reaction to the news:…

Thus it's time for yet ANOTHER new poll and it's a damn important one!  We want to hear what you think.  So go!  Tell your friends!  The Brotherhood needs you!

The NEW poll is "Which New Feature Would You Like to see the Brotherhood Club Offer?"  We got some nice choices too, so VOTE!  Choose and within...I don't most a month you will see the fruits of your efforts!…

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