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Awww poor Wanda. This has just been a horrible mall trip, hasn't it?

Panel 1:
Wanda: I'm gonna hex this air-head and run.
Saleswoman: Oh try some! A little perfume never hurt anyone.

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
Saleswoman: ...until now.
Wanda: I think...that's enough mall...for today...

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Heh, I knew there was a reason why I didn't wear perfume....
Me:Take that Aunt Elaine! I told you it was evil! The perfume will kill us all!*panics*
-Realizes panic attack-
Me:*blinks*I am an idiot.
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She should have sued that person and pretend she never had any powers or something ~w~
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I say she should get The Acylots (Pyro), and the Brotherhood (all) to get revenge! :) I love this, so cool.
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A little Perfume never hurt anyone my ASCII. I am highly allergic to the stuff. Go wanda! Knock that bottle form her hand and Zapp tha bitch!
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WAnda just needs to go home and be comforted by her dear brother! *Laughs hysterically* Yeah, i thought it was far fetched too xD

I like the third panel alot! Alot alot! It is just dont really well. Awesome job.
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LOL, Wanda's hex bolts are highly flamable - she shud have been born with a warning note. Great work
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Grab your brother and come back tomorrow >:3. He'll help you wreak havok on those who've wronged you at the mall, if not your father.
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