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And this is the newest B-Hood comic. Toldya there wasn't much of a change in style or humor or anything. Yay for the school musical!

Panel 1:
Todd: I've never seen bones bend that way before.
Lance: I still see the blood when I close my eyes.
Freddy: Let us never speak of it again.

Panel 2:
Pietro: Well THAT was a complete waste of time. Let's do the musical!

Panel 3:
Freddy: No way!
Todd: Not a chance, 'Tro.
Lance: Like hell!

Panel 4:
Pietro: Hmmm, now the only way to convince ANYONE to do a musical is...through song....

Panel 5:
*2 minutes and 47 seconds later....*

Panel 6:
Freddy: Awesome!
Todd: Let's do this musical!
Lance: I'm in!

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EvieMcPhey's avatar
Look at Squeench balancing on that ball! XD
The seal's so cute! I love it!
Picassamia's avatar
They better be doing a Busby Berkely-style musical....
Nami14's avatar
:icondoublefacepalmplz: Jesus Pietro, you're so stupid
Squeench!:pray: Thank you! My wish has come true!
xX-Frostbyte-Xx's avatar
Since when does a serious guy like Lance get won over by a really cheesy long like what Pie did? Still, it's funny :D
xX-Frostbyte-Xx's avatar
What the crud, Pie?
atfurby1's avatar
pietro can convince ANYone to do ANYthing, just like the economy!
deviant-ART-lover's avatar
LOL!XD I need to know what he sang to make them join in.
cerberus144's avatar
Me too, I can use it so I don't have to argue with my nephew to get him to take out the trash.
ThePast's avatar
OK, i think someone has been watching a bit too much Family Guy...
i spy with my little eye...squeench!!!
TheBrotherhoodclub's avatar
Congrats! That's right, there IS a little Squeench there. Good eye my friend. Good eye.
00QuothTheRaven00's avatar
:giggle: Thats awesome can't wait for the next page!
doctorcorby's avatar
*gigglesnort* so awesome.

I say they do Jesus Christ Superstar. XD
a0040pc's avatar
Make them do a musical using the songs from Three Days Grace
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Lmao, Pietro has the power to change people's minds.
Livie-Lightyear's avatar
Along with super speed, Pietro has the power to controll minds!!

-I knew it..-
Cold-Creature's avatar
*bursts into laughter*!!
Damn, I love the Brotherhood!
And knowing Pietro, he could probably pull that off! ^_~ Well done!
xMetallicBooger's avatar
Haha...Pietro reminds me of my friend Cody in this one... Actually, Cody's not my friend, he just kinda follows me around and won't go away no matter how many times I kick him in the shins.

Anyway, my initial reaction to this was 'Aw, that's cute!!!'

ixionzap's avatar
lolz go pietro!!!
Three-ribbons's avatar
man, seals and top hats?! from the looks of it, those 2 minutes and 47 seconds could have convinced anyone that the musical is a good idea! Heck, even I'm considering it.. ^_^
Jayyefire's avatar
Try reading ur comment with ur siggie. Its kinda funny XD
Devas's avatar
Aww, Pietro is so very, very, very, very gay. We love him so <3.
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