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To enter the Rhyme Time Contest, your fic must:

Tell a story using rhyme.

To clarify, NOT A POEM.  You must tell a story with rhyme.  You can set your story up in stanza's like a poem, but the actual text must be closer to prose.  You can set your rhyme up in rhyming couplets, alternating rhyme, ending each section, using iambic pentameter--however you wish!  As long as it clearly rhymes.  You can use imperfect rhyme, force rhyme, assonance--you get the picture.  Think along the lines of a children's book or "The Night Before Christmas" poem.   

Your entry will be voted on by your fellow member and will be based on creativity and overall awesomeness.

ZOUNDS, KIDS! A new fan fiction contest dawns upon you! Are you ready for this NEWEST BRAND OF BROTHERHOOD BADNESS--I mean--EXCITEMENT?!

:iconrock-chik898: rocked the hood with her entry Grounds for Revenge. And after that harrowing telling of tragedy, we decided to lighten things up around here. In other words:

I think that I shall never see
A more perfect fan fic heaven
Than for our contest that is to be
Rhyming number eleven!

I the rules you wish to know
They are listed down below.
And if the Brotherhood you truly love,
Then also read the ones above!

Hopefully, your entries will be better than that tripe I just pulled out of nowhere. >___>


1. Nothing Rated Over "R": Romance is fine, but let's not detail their midnight rendezvous, k? Also, no gore for gore's sake. Let's keep it clean.

2. No OC's: Keep it pre-existing characters in the X-Men: Evolution world.

3. Must Star the Brotherhood: It could be just one member of the Brotherhood if you wish, or it could be more. But, it must STAR at least one Brotherhood member. If you want to bring other pre-established Evo characters in, that's fine, as long as the protagonist is a Brotherhood member (Brotherhood members include: Lance, Todd, Freddy, Pietro, and/or Wanda.)

4. Must be a One-Shot: This means the story must begin and end in a single chapter. We will not be accepting multiple chapters to a story. Keep it short. If you want to write more for the story and just submit chapter one, that's fine, as long as that one chapter at least SEEMS to have a beginning middle and end on its own. Use your better judgment and keep it short.

5. No Pre-Existing Fics: We want to see some NEW stories, kids. Keeps things interesting!

6. Send a note to the Brotherhood club with a link to your entry!: Since the BHC does not watch everyone we don't always know when there's a new entry. Please be courteous and remember this, we won't know you've submitted an entry unless you note us. Then we'll favorite it and showcase it in our journal.

7. Maximum of 3 Entries Per Participant: At most, 3 shall be the number of entries and the number of entries shall be 3.

8. Must be a Brotherhood Club Member to Participate: Simple, easy enough. Want to participate but not a member? Just note :iconthebrotherhoodclub: and ask to join.

9 Any questions?: Note :iconjcrobin: or :iconrainrach:


Contest Begins: February 24th
Contest Ends: March 24th

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I can't edit this deviation since it was made BEFORE we were a group, so I wanted to include voting options and the entries in a comment:

We have 3 AWESOME entries that require votage, and I do mean NOW. So send a note to the club with who you want to win! Be sure to include the number, title or artist of the entry. Remember to submit your votes in note form. We have 3 AWESOME entries so please pick your favorite and VOTE!


1. :iconcold-creature: with One Night - Kodd

2. :iconxxeell: with Brotherhood Riots

3. :icontabitha-kittywitch: with Not Everything is Roses

Voting Begins: March 27th
Voting Ends: April 3rd

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Oooh... this is gonna be hard... But I love a challenge! I'm definitely gonna try and write up an entry~