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Could Be a Fashion Statement?

Uhm, this is admittedly one of the ones I like a lot. It just came out well and has some backgrounds! W00t for backgrounds! Lance is going to tend to his little scorpion wound more. My heart leaps. Oh and Pietro, don't act all humiliated, you were pretty shameful YOURSELF at the supermarket. And Wanda is still a drama queen. Oh save the drama, drama, drama for yo' mama, mama, mama. (Or I guess in Wanda's case her "FATHER" XD; ).

Panel 1:

Panel 2:
Wanda: I may be gone for a couple of hours-NO!

Panel 3:
Wanda: A couple of DAYS!

Panel 4:
Wanda: And I'm TAKING your JEEP, LANCE!

Panel 5:
Boys: ...

Panel 6:
Wanda: Why didn't anyone tell me I was wearing a towel?!

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Miss-Blank-27's avatar
fuck Todd missed it XD
Oh, Wanda, melodramatic Wanda in all her towel glory...
ode2sokka's avatar
*dies laughing* Poor Pietro. I've been told seeing your sister in a towel is fairly scaring.
Coora's avatar
no comment..........xD
SilverLynxCat's avatar
I bet PIetro's a bit embarrassed after having his sister outside in a towel! and lance is like "uh, oops"
Segaia's avatar
:lmao: Poor, psycho Wanda...
Kichara's avatar
The boys' craziness is starting to wear in on Wanda. LMAO
neoncat's avatar
ROTFLMAO!!! The expressions on the last panel are best!!! ^___^
duoshinigami's avatar
Oo yeah! You go towel Wanda!

THis one is great. I love love love love love it! It seems like osmethign that would actually happen in the show. Well if kids WB would have allowed it. Just awesome.
MarsW's avatar
Haaaahaha!!!! I love the blushing guys in the last pannel! ;oD
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
lmao - I love the faces in the last panel, lol. Great job
arlis's avatar
BWA HA HA HA HA! That's SO amusing! Hehe...I have to go to this stupid career day this morning AND a college fair tonight...this really brightened up mah day. ^-^
Wanda shall always be my hero. Lance and Pietro look so glompable. And Freddy? ^^;
Awesome job!
shiraishimayumi's avatar
o_o Lance would KILL her if she broke his Jeep. XD;
TerribleToadQueen's avatar
Poor Wands gets forgetful when she's angry.
Nice job!
Valli-chan's avatar
:Whistles:WoW.It could be a reaaally short dress.Lance is all "eep"
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